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How long to wait to color my hair after rebonding?

How long should I wait before I color my hair after having it rebonded???

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How long do you need to wait to change a septum piercing?

I got my septum pierced 3/4 days ago. The piercing is rather small and barely noticable, so I'm wondering how long I have to wait to change it. Not the width, just the size.


How long should I wait to color my hair?

how long should I wait to colour my hair afte rebonding


Can I change my earring yet?

I had my ear ring in for about 3 weeks now and I want to change my ear ring now can I?


How long do you wait to move up a size in gauges?

I have just wanted to know how long til you can move up a size in gaugescause I have 18s


How long until I can change my eyebrow piercing?

How long untill I can change my Eyebrow peircing... I got it done One week ago!??


How long to wait to swim after getting rebonded hair?

I rebonded my hair 5 months ago how long should I wait to swim after I rebonded my hair???please answer me thanks


How long to wait to play soccer after a belly button piercing?

I am getting my belly button pierced at the end of the month but I am scared because I play soccer.. how long should I wait until I play again??


How long do I have to wait to swim after a belly button piercing?

I'm getting a belly button ring soon. I was wondering how long I will have to wait before I can go swimming at the beach and in the pool. I'm getting it probably in March or April, Will I be able to swim this summer?


How soon after a cartilage piercing can I change the earring?

I got my ear pierced at a professional I know the gauge size of the post is bigger than a normal ear piercing. If I change the earring, will the hole become smaller and close up around it? I had my ear pierced a month ago on Thursday. When ...


How long must I wait after waxing to get a tattoo ?

Hey guys ! I need some help asap ... I waxed the back of my neck just now because I'm going for my tattoo tomorrow. But I realised that it was the wrong thing to do.. Has anyone got a tattoo 12-18 hours after waxing ? I need some advice please ! Thanks...


How long should I wait to swim after rebonding hair?

ok I rebonded my hair when I went home to philippines two weeks ago and there's some rules that I have to follow, to keep my hair straighter. for example I'm not allowed to ever tie it or put my hair behind my ears. they also said not to swim or put ch...


When can I change my naval ring?

How long do I have to wait before I can change my belly button ring? And how long do I have to wait before I can swim???


How long should I wait to get my belly button re-pierced?

Okay so I got my bellybutton pierced in May 2009. It never healed really, but was never infected. It never hung right either and all together I don't think that it was pierced right. If you would've seen it you would agree. Anyway on day in December I ...


How long does it take to get fitted for a tux?

How long does it usually take when getting fitted for a tux?

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How long will skin stay red after scab falls off?

How long will skin stay red after scab falls off?


Bleaching your hair. How long?

How long do you keep bleach in your hair for?
Any tips, please?


What happens if you bleach over bleached hair? How long do wait?

What happens if you bleach over already bleached hair??

How long do you have to wait until you can do it AGAIN?

Do you need to wait until your hair returns to a certain chemichal balance? "ph" balance or something?

Ok, so I had...


When should I change my industrial barbell?

My industrial piercing is 2 weeks old. How long are you supposed to wait before you can change the bar?


How do you change a naval ring?

What are the steps when first changing your belly button ring?


Can I put an earring as a lip piercing?

Because I cant get a real lip piercing until fridayy

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How soon before I can change my nose ring?

I got my nose pierced on febuary 29th when will I be able to change the nose ring.


What are these long shirts called?

clothing help!

Does anyone know what those long shirts you wear with leggings are called?



How long until I can swim after a naval piercing?

I just got my navel pierced a little over 2 weeks ago, how long do I have to wait to be able to go swimming in my pool?


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