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Can I highlight my hair right after dying it?

Can I highlight my hair right after dying it?


Will red highlights fade during rebonding?

Will they fade??


How do I remove red highlights from my hair?

how do you take red highlights out of your hair


How much do highlights cost?

Just wondering. I need to know. Because I might go today or tomorrow.


Dying your air

So I died my hair, well high lighted it but it turned out kinda orange and I dont like it, any advice??


dark brown hair with blonde highlights and black low lights???

I have dark brown hair, and I was wondering would it look good if I put a lot of black low lights in and also put some blonde highlights to.


How much developer to use when dying hair?

How much developer do you use when using loreal hicolor for dark hair? The color is h16 honey blonde and the creme is 30 vol.

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How long does it take to get your hair highlighted?

I'm thinking about getting my hair highlighted. How long does it take? It will make my hair look lighter. I really want to do this. My dad needs to talk my sis first, but I can't wait that long. I don't know when I should do it though. Tomorrow? Can so...


Can I dye my hair after getting highlights?

My hair is naturally a medium brown. It has a lot of blonde highlights right now. I want to dye it back to my natural color because there are too many highlights. I plan on highlighting it again but with thinner streaks. I want to color it back on...


Help get the red tint gone from my hair

My natural color is a very light brown, and in the summer I have always had natural red highlight. About 3 years ago I went to blonde, with no problem.. About a month ago I dyed my hair to a light brown, and I didn't like it.. 4 days ago I tried to dy...

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How can I take out the red tint in my hair?

I was trying to take out some highlights and i used a brown color - now my hair looks red. how do i take out the red?


When: Can you dye your hair while its wet? After you washed it?

I am dying my Moms hair for her. She has sum gray hairs. My Mom wants to know. Will it not work if your hair is wet?


What color should I dye my hair?

im dying my hair I duno what colour to go for you will c my pic can someone help me please???


Color treated hair turned copper orange

How can I take the copper tone orange out of my hair. I used l'oreal nb10 natural blonde on my strawberry blonde hair and it is most definantly a copper tone orange. I went to the salon and she highlighted it then colored it a darker color and then hi...


How can I get my hair ash blonde?

my hair is medium blonde with highlights I want it light blonde not yellow blonde... I want ashblonde like almost to white,but you could tell is not white but blonde


How can I lighten my hair and not be orange?

I am naturally a dark blonde but I dyed my hair a dark red/brown but I have to keep dying it, now I want to go back to my natural color. How can I do this without my hair going a orange colour?


Is it safe to dye your hair two days in a row?

yesterday I dyed my hair blonde and it looks orange and now im so fed up with dying hair that I want to dye my hair my natural color and that will be that. Is it safe to dye your hair the day after you dyed it before? I really need to know... I cant go...


Is it okay to dye my hair twice in two days?

I accidentaly died my hair black with a purple tint. Now I want it back to my Natural color and I will be done with the hair dye. is it okay to dye my hair two days in a row?
I really dont want to ruin my hair because I have to go to school tuesday an...


How can I go from light blonde to honey blonde?

I bleached my hair pretty much white a few months ago but I really just want a regular blonde colour now. So does anyone know how to go from white blonde to a honey blonde? I consulted my hair dresser on how to go from white blonde to auburn brown.. sh...

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How to get an even hair color?

My natural hair color is dark brown. I have been buying colors like dark golden brown or medium golden brown so I could have some different highlights in my hair so it just isn't all one shade. My hair comes out ok except for the roots or sometimes a...


How to remove orange tint from hair?

I was bored one day, so I got my sister to drive me to the grocery store, and I picked up a box of Garnier "Bleaching Blonde" hair dye. I have pretty dark brown hair, and my hair had salon-done highlights in them, which I had gotten a while ago, and w...


How can I get semi-permanent black dye out of my hair?

So, I semi permanently died my medium brown hair black. and it looks Horrible. no lies. so after crying for hours, I googled what to do and found some things to try. nothing has worked! heres what I've done to try and get back to my natural color :

I ...


How do I get the red out of my brown hair?

well this is kind of a long story but ,
I wanted to dye my naturally dark brown hair light brown , simple enough isnt it ?
I went to a salon to get it done but ti didnt work , well it turned my roots like a ginger tint but the rest of my hair was the ...


How do I dye my brown hair blonde?

my natural hair color is medium brown, well I've always wanted to go 2 a dirty blonde color for years I went to go get it professionally done in December and after of hours sitting there it ended up a strawberry blonde color more red ( I dunno i...


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