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Is nair good to shave your vagina with?

Is nair good to shave the vagina with

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Is Nair for Men good for pubic hair removal?

is nair good for your pubic area?? has anyone tired it??

does anyone know any other hair removal products that work in the genital areas?


is it supposed to be burning?

I put a peel off facial mask on and it's like, burning my face. Is this normal for those things? Because it's never happened before but maybe it was just the kind I used before?


Industrial piercing, how long does it take to heal?

How long does it take to heal? Can I go swim 6 weeks after I got it? If not how long after I got it can I go swimming (by the way I would go swimming in a lake so it doesn't have all those chemicals and stuff if that matters at all)?


How do you heal scabs on your face?

How to heal scabs on face?..???

I used a cream
after a few mins. it started to burn
so I washed it off..
it dryed my skin really bad..
& it left like small scabs..
I think I was allergict to the cream
but what should I us for the scabs??
So that t...


How do I tell if my industrial piercing is healed?

It generally does not hurt unless I accidentally irritate it whether hitting it or sleeping on it with which it will hurt for a few days and then stop. If it isn't, what sort of things are indications that it is healed?


How long does a belly button piercing take to heal?

I had my belly button pierced yesterday. I felt a bit of pain, but when the bar was put in, the pain went away. I've had no problems with it at all. No bleeding. I only have slight bruising.
How long does a belly button piercing take to heal completely?


Tragus or rook piercing, which hurts less & heals faster?

I want to get one either my tragus or rook pierced.
But I don't know which one hurts more, takes more time to heal, etc.
If you'd had either done or know anything about them please let me know(:


Will putting Nair in shampoo make someone bald?

I've heard that if you put NARE in someone's shampoo, they will lose their hair. Is this true? Have you done it? I thought it would sting or smell bad or something.


Why do my eyelids burn and become sensitive after I wash makeupoff?

So, sometimes I use soap to wash my makeup off while im in the shower.
after I get out, my eyelids burn reallly bad and are almost to sensitive to touch and are kinda sticky.

what does this mean? and why does it do this?

thanks, :).


Nair - Hair Removing Cream on pubic hair?


I went through the website of Nair and its written that it should be applied on genitals !

now as I asked in my earlier questions, I want to remove the pubic hair from my private parts so is it advicable to use the hair removing cream like Nair ?...


How long does a cartilage piercing take to heal?

*cough* I'm also going to get a cartilage piercing.. how bad does that one hurt on a scale from 1-10, how long does it take to heal (or, I mean, how long until I can change the earring), how long can't I sleep on it for, and which hurts more, with a ne...


How to heal the lumps on my tragus piercing?

I've had it for about 7 weeks about 2 weeks ago I got a lump on both sides of the holes I've been doing sea salt soak four about 1 week swelling has went down no change in the lump any advice will the lumps always be their?


Could SCENTED antibacterial soap be why my tattoo is having trouble healing?

I've been using scented soap for the first time while healing a tattoo and this one has already had one touch up and will obviously need another i'm wondering if the soap could be the problem cause i've been caring for it exactly the same as my others.


Will Nair irritate my pubic hair area?

I need another way to get rid of pubic hair because shaving it makes it break out in lil red dots so would Nair work on it? Shaving leaves some still there anyways because I don't have good razors and my mom wont get me any more.


How can I heal a peeling sunburn?

What's up guys?

So, I'm a very outdoor oriented person, and always tan easily, being half Brazilian. I'm freaking out because about a week ago, maybe less, I fell asleep while laying out by my pool. I got sunburned but every other time I burn I go str...


What should a lip piercing look like while its healing?

ok so I've had my lip (lower right) pierced for about a week now...and im using salt water (for the inside) and soap and warm water to clean it (any other suggestions for cleaning it) ... on the iniside there is this white scab looking thing, kinda lo...


Shaving down there to wear a cute bathing suit going to camp and this year they only allow us to wear one pieces so I went to old navy to find one and it was so cute but it showed that area down there like how it shows on that model.. I want to remove that hair thats down there but I dont...


Septum Piercing Question?

Yesterday I got my septum pierced. And I needed to flip it up today for work, so I went back to where I got my septum pierced,and the guy flipped it up for me.

1. Should I just leave it up till it heals? How long does it take to heal?

2.I tried getti...


why non alcohol mouthwash to clean lip piercings?

why do I have to use non alcohol mouthwash to clean my lip piercing? because I've been using mouthwash that isnt non alcohol and it doesnt burn or anything

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Get rid of peeling but stay tan

Ok I got sun burn and after red went away I had a pefect tan but now iam peeling and my pigment going with it how do I get rid peeling but keep tan?


How to fix a hair rebonding disaster?

I would like to know if there is anything I can do with my hair rebonded gone wrong it ended up so brittle and looked burned. what should I do. I can say I have a very long hair and I don't want to cut it. Please advise


How can I treat/heal zit scabs?

I get zits all the time. I pop them and they turn in tiny scabs?! I know this is gross but i pick the scabs which is a horrible habit. How to I heal the zits and zit scabs? I've tried clearisil but when i was it off in the morning It get's dry and i st...

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Lip piercing has a little puss

it has a tiny bit of puss in it, how do I make it go away? my friend brittney's boyfriend had puss after he got his done. he squeezed it out everyday and they are healed up. (they have snake bites) what should I do? my lip doesnt hurt at all.

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