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Nipple piercings on small breasts?

Nipple piercings on small breasts?

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How long to wait to color my hair after rebonding?

How long should I wait before I color my hair after having it rebonded???

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How long will skin stay red after scab falls off?

How long will skin stay red after scab falls off?


How long does it take to get fitted for a tux?

How long does it usually take when getting fitted for a tux?

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Bleaching your hair. How long?

How long do you keep bleach in your hair for?
Any tips, please?


How long should I wait to color my hair?

how long should I wait to colour my hair afte rebonding


Why do I have such large nipples?

like I have large nipples that dont stick out and little boobs, what is this??Large nipples, but small boobs??

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What are these long shirts called?

clothing help!

Does anyone know what those long shirts you wear with leggings are called?



How long do you wait to move up a size in gauges?

I have just wanted to know how long til you can move up a size in gaugescause I have 18s


How to get longer nipples?

Nipples can be streached out a long ways. How does one get them to stay streached? I've got nice full breasts and I'd like nipples an inch long or longer.

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How can I extend my nipple size? Physically or pharmaceutically?

I want to grow long nipples using pharmaceuticals, not surgery. Can you recommend medications that will help be grow long,large nipples above my 48inch breasts?


How long until I can change my eyebrow piercing?

How long untill I can change my Eyebrow peircing... I got it done One week ago!??


Nipples seem too big

Im 16 and my nipples seem too big I have very big boobs and e cup but im very self conscience of my nipples. Are big nipples bad or a turn off?

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How long does it take male pubic hair to grow back?

Is a male ment to shave his pubic hair and if he dose how log dose it take to grow back


How long to wait to play soccer after a belly button piercing?

I am getting my belly button pierced at the end of the month but I am scared because I play soccer.. how long should I wait until I play again??


How long to wait to swim after getting rebonded hair?

I rebonded my hair 5 months ago how long should I wait to swim after I rebonded my hair???please answer me thanks


how will toothpaste on your nipples make you boobs grow?

I want bigger boobs and I'm trying not to have the implants I heard tooth paste on your nipples will make you boobs grow

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nipple piercings

I am currently thinking over the possibilty of getting a nipple piercings. I was just wondering what are all fo the side affects and dangers of ahving this done?


How long until I can swim after a naval piercing?

I just got my navel pierced a little over 2 weeks ago, how long do I have to wait to be able to go swimming in my pool?


How can you darken your nipples?

So my nipples are a medium brown... when hard. They are a lighter brown when they aren't. I really wish they were darker. How can I permanently darken my nipples without doing something absolutely rediculous?


Numbing nipples for nipple peircing?

I want to get my nipples pierced.. I've wanted it for literally years! but im really nervous about the actual piercings because I know they will hurt.. however.. my friend got hers done twice and the 2nd time they use numbing cream and she said the pai...

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How long will it take to grow hair to my butt?

How long do you think it will take for my hair to grow to the lower part of my butt? Im goiing to include a pic of how I look now with my hair. Im the guy in the red shirt.

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Do nipple piercings hurt and what are the dangers?

Does getting your nipplle pierced hurt and what are the dangers like could your nipple fall off like im serious and someone with experience please tell mee

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Snake eyes tongue piercing, how long will it take for it to close?

I just got my snake eyes two days ago (tongue piercing)
If I take it out any time soon, will the holes close up fast?


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