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How do I keep the shampoo smell in my hair?

All my friends have awesome smelling hair. it retains the smell of shampoo really well. but mine doesnt. it just smells...weird. not good not bad just no smell at all. I use herbal essences every night and it smells really good until like the next...


Good toner shampoo to tone down orange

I bleached/dyed my hair and there's this orange tint, I was wondering what's a good shampoo to tone down the orange.
I dyed my hair Light golden copper chestnut.


Will putting Nair in shampoo make someone bald?

I've heard that if you put NARE in someone's shampoo, they will lose their hair. Is this true? Have you done it? I thought it would sting or smell bad or something.


What is a good way to cover up cigarette smell?

Yeah Id just like to know if theres a good way of completely getting rid of cigarette smells and not just covering them up! And same for smells of alcohol on your breath. thanks!


Why does using dandruff shampoo make my dandruff worse, and what else can I do?

I don't have bad dandruff, just a few flakes here and there that I hate. Also, there is more if I scratch my head or anything. When I use dandruff shampoo (head and shoulders, and other brands) I notice whenever my hair is dried, that my dandruff is mu...


How to remove stink from hair?

i used color oops hair color remover and it did not work, worse it left my hair smelling like rotten eggs. i have been washing it three times a day for two days and it still stinks so bad. what do i do? does anyone know a specific remedy or shampoo tha...


What do girls prefer? a guy with a good looking body or face?

Girls- would you rather have a guy that has a average looking face with a great body, or a great looking face with a okay body.

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How do you get copper tone out of hair color?

I got my hair done at a salon and she put a copper tone in it and I want it out.

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Do the colors pink and yellow match?

I told my friend I was gonna wear my pink converse and a yellow dress to school and she said that those colors don't go together that great...
What do you think?

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Fading black hair dye

Okayy well...
I've read that loads of people are trying Head and Shoulders shampoo or washing up liquid to fade black hair dye.
Does it actually work?


How do I get baby powder off my black vans?

My little cousin poured baby powder all over my nice black vans. I tried getting it off with a wash cloth, but when it dried it looked the same. Any ideas would be greatly appriciated!


What lotion should I use on my vagina?

I need help about what type of lotion would be a good idea to use after I shave my vagina? And is it bad that I have discgarge all day everyday? it doesnt smell or anything just bugs the crap outta me.


What is the least painful piercing?

Okaay it's the summer holidays now, and I'm really really wanting to get a piercing.

I want my nose pierced, but I'm really not good with pain.

If anyone can share their experiences on any facial piercings, particularly nose, it'd be a great help...

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How badly do nose piercings hurt?

I really would like to get my nose pierced, but I want to know how much pain to expect. I have a medium to low tolerance for pain. Any replies concerning nose piercing (stories, advice, etc) would be great appriciated!


How to make a tattoo stop itching?

Ok so I just got a new very cute tattoo on my foot on and it been awhile since I have had one but my question is ok it itches very very badd and lastnite I cudnt sleep because it was itching very badly I have been putting a&d ointment on it but it don'...

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How do I get the red out of my brown hair?

well this is kind of a long story but ,
I wanted to dye my naturally dark brown hair light brown , simple enough isnt it ?
I went to a salon to get it done but ti didnt work , well it turned my roots like a ginger tint but the rest of my hair was the ...


Can I put red on top of dyed black hair?

My hair is currently colored black and has been this way for the past couple of years.
I would like to keep the black in my hair and have a light and dark red color mixed in it that is very noticeable.
I have read on different sites that you can put re...


Color treated hair turned copper orange

How can I take the copper tone orange out of my hair. I used l'oreal nb10 natural blonde on my strawberry blonde hair and it is most definantly a copper tone orange. I went to the salon and she highlighted it then colored it a darker color and then hi...


Can I dye my hair after getting highlights?

My hair is naturally a medium brown. It has a lot of blonde highlights right now. I want to dye it back to my natural color because there are too many highlights. I plan on highlighting it again but with thinner streaks. I want to color it back on...


Do unused bath/beauty products go bad?

I am obsessed with a discontinued line of bath products and have a ton of the stuff so that I don't run out for a while. I have body washes, scrubs, lipglosses, lotions, perfumes, and bubble baths from this line and I was wondering if these things exp...


Orange hair

Ahhh stupid me, I know, but I bleached my hair cause well I dont trust hair dressers anymore, for many reasons lol, but my hair is orange...what can I put in it that will actually shampoos or anything like that, I just want it a dark...


Is drying clothes in the oven still proper?

Since my dryer broke, as of late, I have been drying all of my clothes in the oven. I preheat to an even 350 degrees fahrenheit, then I lay open my shirts and pants on the bottom two racks, and on the top two racks I place my socks and unmentionables....


Help get the red tint gone from my hair

My natural color is a very light brown, and in the summer I have always had natural red highlight. About 3 years ago I went to blonde, with no problem.. About a month ago I dyed my hair to a light brown, and I didn't like it.. 4 days ago I tried to dy...

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Infected Monroe piercing how to reduce the swelling?

Okay, so I had my monroe pierced about a week ago. And it's red around on my face and it's hard and it's kinda swollen. I've been washing my mouth out with mouthwash with no alcohol about 3 times a day,and washing around the area on my face with anti-b...


What does it really mean if you are cute to a girl?

This question is really for girls.

Quite a few of my (girl) friends at school say im cute, but are they really complimeting me?

When a girl says cute, are they saying I am good looking in a cute way, just good looking/hot/fit, or are they saying ...


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