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Tatto shops in New England..(for a tatto at age 15)

are there any tatto shops in New England that would give me a tatto when im 15 with parents permission

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Where is th least painful place to have your fisrt tatto?

Where is th least painful place to have your fisrt tatto???

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deciding on a

can someone funmail me and help me figure out what kinda tatto I should get

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Draw tattos in pen on my ankle and colour it in with nail varnish

I draw tattos in pen on my ankle and colour it in with nail varnish can it damage me?


Tattos hurt?

Tattos hurt? Do they take long to heal? Should I do it without my mom's permission?

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How can I get a tatto at 17 without parental Consent?

Can I get a tattoo at 17 without parental consent but I am getting married?

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Pearcing or Tatto

what hurts more getting your nose pearced or getting a tatton(on ankle or hand)


what to d if your pregnant with a tatto on my tummy

what do you do when your pregnant and you have a tatto ???on your stomach ???I have a bunch of tattos on my stomach and Im afraid that its going to have stretch marks on it

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Can you get a tatto if you are 15 and have a parent with you?

My 15th birthday is comming up, and my mom will let me get a tatto. What are the tatto laws in New Hampshire or Massachusessts?

can I get a tatto at age 15?

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Tatto color coming off.

I just got a tattoo and my sister told me to use bacitracin on it. Is it okay to use this instead of unscented lotions?

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age fer tatto w/parental permission

ok im 13 and I really want a tatto my moms all for it but whats the age limit even w-permission???

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The uggliest tatto you've ever seen ?

I saw this one guy have this tattoo and it said lisa on the back of his neck and I actually thought his name was Lisa :L

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I want a tatto : (

Im only 13, but I realllyyy want a tatttoo. Just a simple heart or starr.

But my parens are complaining and stufff. Like omgg.

Why shudnt I get onee?

And why shud I get onee?


What do you think of this tatto?

So, I'm wanting to get this tattoo (Its the alchemic symbol for misfortune *infortunium*) on my back, which I guess would be considered the small of your back. Would you still call it a tramp stamp?

Here's what it looks like:


Where can I get a good tatto at 13 in tacoma,Washington?

The tattoo I want is a portrait of my last pitbull. And one accross my saying Bs 4 life on a glock 9 with cartriges below going down my back


What would happen if i got a tatto underage?

This is quite random + would be illegal at any age for me. But say you were allowed to get a tattoo in a different country at a younger age (your age) but you couldn't in your hometown, you got a tattoo on holiday what would happen if you got back home...


How bad do a tatto hurt on a female breast?

Well me and my boyfriend been together for 5 years and we decided to get each other name tattooed on us and im geting mines on my breast and want to no how bad does it hurt? Should I no anything before I go. I mean its my first tattoo, im not really af...

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Tattoo aftercare

Tatto aftercare

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Do tattoos hurt?

Dose it hurt to get a permant tatto?

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Sun & tattoo

I just got a tatto 3 days ago. I went to mexico it was realy hot about 130. My tatto was just starting to heal now it look like its dry and its stared to crak and peal is that ok also my tatto is were the sun was hitting it.


Too deep when getting tattooed

Was it ok if he went in to deep with my tat or does every artist have there own way of tattoing people.

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What are some good tattoo sites?

Does any body know any good tatto sights were you dont have to pay to save them or anything


How much would a tattoo cost?

I wanna get a smalll tattos with only 2 color black and pink how much will it cost ?

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Used rio camoflague makeup, is it worth buying,?

Has anyone used rio camoflague makeup, is it worth buying,??does it really cover circles and tattos and stuff


Do tattoos really hurt?

Does getting a tatto hurt as much as some people say it does? I know it hurts more in some places, but overall, is the pain really that bad?