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How do you shave the landing strip

How do you shave the landing strip style because I just cnt get the hang of it

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What would it cost to strip my black hair?

Oka so I want to go back to my natural hair color which is dark brown and strip my black hair and I want to do it professionally. My hair is 30 inches long (at the very end of my back) and its already growed out 6 inches from the roots. How much would ...


What age do you have to be to buy hair removal cream?

What age do you have to be to buy hair removal cream or waxing strips?


How can I make my black dye job fade fast?

I dyed my hair about a month or so ago with Semi-Permanent black hair dye and now I want to go brown. I just want it lighter is there a fast way to make my hair fade? I just don't want to strip or bleach my hair.


Hair Stripper

If I stripped black hair dye out of my hair, would it turn white or something. Cause I'm supposed to be getting it done soon. My sister's doing it too, it's not being done proffesionally. But we need to know the colour hair dye I need to get, and it de...


Getting rid of orange-red tone on my brown hair!?

Ok so one day I decided to dye my hair dark dark brown. I kinda liked it but after a couple of months I decided I like my old hair better. My old hair is a light brown and compared to that my hair looked black. So we went to the hair stylist to dye my ...


How can I lighten black hair to match natural brown roots?

A few months ago I dyed my hair what I thought was dark brown, but it came out black. Now my roots are showing my natural color (light/medium brown) and it looks silly. I want to know if there is a color I can buy to dye my hair to a lighter color, I d...


What happens if you bleach over bleached hair? How long do wait?

What happens if you bleach over already bleached hair??

How long do you have to wait until you can do it AGAIN?

Do you need to wait until your hair returns to a certain chemichal balance? "ph" balance or something?

Ok, so I had...


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