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Gun vs Needle (Cartilage Piercing)

Heyy! Once again I have a cartilage question. Hah. Okay so... I've been reading and so far I've only seen negative feedback about using a gun for a piercing... Is it that likely that you WILL get a disease or a shattered cartilage from using a gun? Las...


Are halter tops sleazy?

K so I would never wear a halter top with like a miniskirt or short shorts (to me thats sleazy) but I would wear a halter top with like a long pair of jeans. Is that still sleezy?

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What colors would be pretty on my nails?

So, I wanna know what colors would be nice with each other. Please answer and Thank you.

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How can I look hot for school?

I need help!!! I want to look hot for this really cute boy and he's single and wants a girlfriend but I don't know if he likes me I have breasts but small ones and I have dirty blond hair. What should I do oh and he has had 11 girlfriends in 3 months!!...

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I hate morning hair

My boyfriends going too start staying over, and I hate what I look like in the morning's eg. Hair + face and that.. Anyone know of any good hair products too keep my hair down .? Haa its just he'll probly leave me after seeing me look like edward sciss...


Cleavage enhance: ok or not?

I have a small bust, I could even say its flat! Im really jelous of busty girls and im really ashamed of my tiny boobs so I recently bought cleavage enhancers(little cushion things which you put in yo bra) to make me look bustier. Am I just lying 2myse...

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Clean & Clear Acne Control Kit

I'm getting ready to was my face, but there is 3 bottles. Do I use all three of them on after another?


what shade will work?

I dyed my hair dark brown and its to dark for me what shade can I use to make it lighter or at least where its not so dark?


How to look pretty?

I think I am alright looking but I wanna kinda stand out and look ''wow'' if you know what I mean.I got my hair cut 1 day ago and it didnt help...what should I do..and to make matters worse I have short hair and spots...I am ugly please help me!


Does Clean and Clear Advantage really work?

I im 13 and have mild acne. I just got the clean and clear advantage acne products 3 days ago and my face looks no different and I've been using it everyday. Will this product ever work 4 me?


How can I be pretty

I dont feel very good looking. Most of the guys I went out with dumped me and went out with a beautiful girl not that much later. And recently I had a huge crush on a guy and this girl who is very pretty got to him before me.I am 16 I have poofy short ...

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will lifting weights make my arms skinnier?

I want more toned arms too I have noo muscles and like how long do I have to do it for


Do you think freckles are pretty

Some people say they arnt but I want to know how many people like them do you?

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How can I make myself pretty?

I am 20 years old.I have never been the one out of my friends who gets the guy.Which I am happly married and I just want to look better for my husband. I have tried everything but I am just not good in hair and make up can you please give me some tips.

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bra size.13-14 year olds .. please help :)

what is the normal bra size for a 13 - 14 year olds ?

ii want to get measured proply but ii dont really want to go into a store is ther any way ii can do it at home ?


and how old are you guys and what size are you ?

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Is it appropriate for a 14 year old to swear a lot?

I'm 14, and I curse regularly. I swear when I get mad, tired, anything. But is it appropriate for me t be cursing around in public? cause I know my aunt gets very mad when I swear, so I try my best not curse at home.

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how can I make myself pretty

I am 15 years of age amd I would like to know how to make myself pretty. all my friends say that I am not ugly but it is hard to think that it is true because when I am with my friends they all have a boyfriend and I dont and when I tell a lad that I l...

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Hair on my legs

Ok so I just shaved 2 days ago and my hair on my legs is already starting to come back!! Is there something wrong with me?! And how do I slow it down?! Its driving me crazy! I really don't have time to shave 3 to 4 times a week!!

Thanks soo much


What should I put on these shorts?

Okay so let meh start from the beginning...k so my 8th grade party is comeing up and I am makeing my own shorts. Now when I say I am makeing my own shorts I mean I am takeing my old shorts and painting what ever I want on them with fabric paint...ya fo...


would I look good in a pixie cut?

I kinda want to go really short...a pixie hair rihanna. but im not sure if it would look good on me. my hair already pretty short but I want to try something new. what do you guys think?
and if you dont think it would look good, then can you...


How do you clean jewerly?

I have a little problem... how do you get the dirt out of jewerly? my necklace is getting dirty, but I don't know how to get dirt out;{

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Will clean and clear black head earser work?

I have couple of black heads on my cheeks, and nose..I can't stand them I bought netruogena duo and clear products and the clean and clear black head earser..does it work?


How can I make myself more naturally pretty?

How can I make myself more naturally pretty... ways to apply makeup? Clothes to wear? Creams to use?


Should I shave my arms?

I am soo sick and tired of guys telling me I need to shave my arms (and just for the record I'm not talking like underarm hair!)its actually not even that long, but since its brown it shows up thicker and longer than ever. I don't what to do, I want to...


What hairstyle ideas and ways not to sweat?

Ok tomorrow is the 2nd day of summer school and today I wore my hair half up and half down- bottom half straight, the ponytail part all scrunched. I also wore a jacket and it was 115 degrees. I have to wear a jacket b-because I sweat a-lot but please ...


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