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How can I even out my peeling skin?

Okay, so I've only had the sunburn for two days then it instantly went tan. A few days after that. It started peeling. And now it looks sooo nasty cause I've got spots of tan where it didn't peel off still on me, while there are other parts where I'm l...


Who has heard of this type?

Hey, I was wondering wether you've heard/seen this piercing; It is on both of your big toes, at the part where you have a lil' bit of hair. It's kindof nice, but not many people know it. If you've seen it, what do you think of it? Please answerr..

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How do I get this type of hair?

I want my hair colored like Miley Cyrus’s ( Blonde highlights)
and it cut like Reece Witherspoons ( Side bangs)

Should I get that done?
Would it make me look prettier than I do now?
( because I am REALLY UGLY!)

Oh and if you would like to kno...


What does skin cancer look like?

What does skin cancer look like?


How to curl my hair?

I Have Very Wavy Hair And I Straighten A lot I Use Good Conditioners And Protective Sprays But I've Become Bored Of Having Straight Hair I Herd You Can Curl Your Hair With Straighteners I've Tried But I Can't Get It Right Can Anyone Tell Me?

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shaving down there 4 girls

when girls shave down there..
I noe the front would be easy to shave..
but what if there's...
it would hurt 2 shave there & with what & how...
so women just not shave there ??

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Do Men shave or wax their chest hair?

ok i know weird question, but anyways im just wondering how some guys dont have any hair on their chest, like when im looking at the workouts, none of the guys have hair on their chest. i know weird question im just wondering if alot of guys do that or...

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what side should I get my eyebrow/lip piercing?

I have a nose stud on my right. and my bangs are parted to the left right now, but I can change them around. I plan on getting the bottom of my lip done with a small stud. where should I get my eyebrow and lip at?? what sides??


How else should I wear my hair(2 inches past my shoulders? Help?

I wear my hair in a ponytail EVERYDAY.The only time I dont is when I straighten my hair but I dont do that often.I dont know what else to do because I dont like my hair down unless its straightened.My hair is about 2 inches past my shoulders or like ha...


What is the best acne medication?

does anyone know the best acne medication and for sure that it will works great?


Will dying my hair black make me look darker?

Well im kind of dark skinned. If I dyed my hair black with blue streaks under, would it make me look darker?


nail varnish/polish remover

Can Someone help me please I got nail polish on some of my best clothes does anyone know how t oget it off ?

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How do you look cute in braces and glasses?

How do you look cute in braces and glasses?

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What is a good hairstyle for mixed race curly frizzy hair?

I have seriously curly, frizzy mixed race hair. It is dark brown and I want it cut fairly short. Any ideas on exactly whatt I should do??? Picz would be helpfull!!! Mwahzz! ;)


Will I look okay with dark eyebrows and dirty blonde hair?

I got dark eyebrows , not bushy or anything but they're dark and I was thinking of dying all my hair dirty blond...Would it still look okay?

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What is wrong, I'm 15 and not even an A cup yet?

Okay so I am 15 turning 16 this summer, and I am not even an A cup yet. What can I do to make them bigger?


What can I do about hanging skin down there?

Right I know this is probably disgusting but i have a hanger!! ( Vaginal Skin Hanging Down!!) It Really Gross!!! I Have a Boyfriend and i want to let him do something to me but i don't want him to find out about this THING below!!!... please help!!!!!!!

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Does stuffing your bra effect breast growth?

Does stuffing your bra help boob grouth or does it stop it???

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What's the normal cup size for a 15 year old ?

I'm a 32 D is that normal ?


Why wont it go away!!!???

I have acne and it hasnt gone away since the fifth grade! I literally havnt seen my face completely and totally clear since the 4-5 grade! I buy lots of products and none of them have worked. And I've tried alomost everything the doctor can give you an...


What happens if you bleach over bleached hair? How long do wait?

What happens if you bleach over already bleached hair??

How long do you have to wait until you can do it AGAIN?

Do you need to wait until your hair returns to a certain chemichal balance? "ph" balance or something?

Ok, so I had...


Why are UK sizes so small; do they not have big people over there?

All the UK sites that I've been on don't have my size, and I'm not that big. All of the UK sizes are tiny. Is EVERYONE over there as tiny as that?


Which hairspray brand do you recommend?

Hello there ;D

Yeah, just like I said on the title ; which hairspray?
My hair has been a frizzball lately. :sweatdrop:
& whenever I get to freezing humid weather outside,
my hair goes frizz, poof, and all that scary stuff gonk

I need a ha...


what does horse shampoo smell like?

oky well I want to grow my hair out and people say horse shapoo grows it faster and I was wondering if it smells bad.


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