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How do I tell a male (widower)that he needs a makeover?

I met this wonderful man on a political site-I,m happily married-we,re just friends-via-emails-he is a widower-I,ve seen his photos-he needs a makeover badly-I was in the beauty business-don,t know how to tell him to sharpen himself up-without hurting ...


White bump in front of my tongue ring

Theres a large white bump in front of my barbell, I got this done 4 days ago, it hurts to cough real bad I added a picture I think
I have more if you want to see, but what is it? Will it go away? How do I make it go away? Help!!!


Can black people be gothic, emo, or dress lolita?

well Im basicly a mixture of theses three things people are always calling me emo or whatever and others make their little comments like I didnt know black people could be gothic, just like theri not gay.(I know thats ignorant) because I just naturall...


Dry lips

Well to be honest I have dry lips and well erm how can I make them soft before sunday , my mum says its cuase I lick mylips .. I use vaseline a lot but that still doesnt work
Tellme how to get ridof dry lips without purchasing anything from the marke...


Do I have a double chin?

I thought I knew how it looked like.. but people are saying different things now. I'm not sure if I do or not.
So do I have a double chin?
If I do.. how can I get rid of it?


How do I make my hair wavy?

How do I make my air wavy


are dresses in style for a freshmen in highschool?

are dresses in style for a freshmen in highschool? 14 years of age


Shaving downstairs?

After shaving (down there) for the first time,
Can you stop and go back again to normal with hair easy?


Do snakebite piercings infect easily?

Do snakebite piercings infect easily??


Does dying your hair make it softer?

Or at least look softer?


How to do smokey eye makeup for green eyes?

I am moderately fair skinned with light brown hair and dark green eyes with grey rings around the eye and gold flecks in the iris. I want to acheive a smokey eye affect with eyeliner and eye shadow. I want an eye shadow color for all over the eye and...


Can you get a nose piercing if you have blackheads?

Does Anyone know if you can get your nose pierced when you have blackheads? I have tiny ones but I don't want to get it done and it cause infection...


How long should I wait to swim after rebonding hair?

ok I rebonded my hair when I went home to philippines two weeks ago and there's some rules that I have to follow, to keep my hair straighter. for example I'm not allowed to ever tie it or put my hair behind my ears. they also said not to swim or put ch...


What do bandana colors mean?

I want to know what bandana color means what cause I like to wear bandanas to hold my hair back when me and my friend chill out. I really dont want to start any random trouble with anyone over what I use to hold my hair back!


Favorite nail polish color?

Wats your fav color of nail polish?

Mines probably neon green.. Got it at claires..
But then, I have only wore like 3 shades..
Black blue and green..and red for a few hours..

Hey, and while were on the topic, does anyone have any tips on how to pain...


Question about lipstick.

Is it true that when you use lipstick or the more you use it..
Your natural lip color starts to fade??
I love using lipstick over lipgloss..I hate lipgloss..
And it worries me to know that lipstick will harm me in the long run...


White Ring around top of tongue piercing

I have a White ring Of like taste Buds or Sumthing Around my tongue Ring...I was wondering what it is and how I can get rid of it...
My friend said its normal Is it?


what would suit me?

I need a hair cut but I normally just have it all shaved off but I think I need a style what one would suit me best


Bleaching your hair. How long?

How long do you keep bleach in your hair for?
Any tips, please?


How many people get their eyebrows done?

What is it like,where would you get it done, how much does it cost, how long does it last?


Bushy Eyebrows

I usually get my eyebrows done every two wks but now I have no way to get to the place where I have them done, how can I do my own eyebrows without looking a mess???


Why does my skin get shiny even when it's not oily(more)?

Why does it do this? How can I stop this? My skin is sometimes dry and sometimes it's justnormal, but even then it gets shiny for some reason. What are ways to prevent this? No makeup.


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