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How to survive a breakup

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Okay im 13 and a prepp. I lovve emo's and scene's but there's none at our school. But anyways im like the only black prep at my school lol I hang out with a lot of white people ((noo-noo-AFFENCE))!!! It's just me randomm,retroo, I like to be one of a k...

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how can I convince my parents to let me have industrial piercings

yeah its basically what the title is. I really want industrial piercings they look reallly cook and I think that they would look really good on me. so how can I convince my parents to let me industrial piercings. oh and on a scale of 1-10 if you have h...


Shaving the downstairs :)

I want to shave my vulva, but I've done it before and it was very itchy and uncomfortable... I can't get access to hair removal cream or wax. Any tips on shaving?

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Why did my skin break out if tanning supposedly helps skin?

I know all tanning is bad..I get that. but I heard if you go tanning once in awhile it can help reduce breakouts. I understand that it could make your skin more oily but I did not expect my skin to inflame after one visit...what should I do? prom is co...


How do I keep the shampoo smell in my hair?

All my friends have awesome smelling hair. it retains the smell of shampoo really well. but mine doesnt. it just smells...weird. not good not bad just no smell at all. I use herbal essences every night and it smells really good until like the next...


Get your tongue pierced, does it effect your talking

When you get your tongue pierced does it effect your talking much ?
And what are ways to make the swelling go down ?


How can I get my hair to look like Miley Cyrus?

How do I get my ahir to be like miley cyrus?

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Are there clothes that will make you look taller?

I am 18 years old and barely pushing 5'. I like being short sometimes, but i feel that i would be a lot prettier if i was a little taller. Any clothes ideas that make you appear taller? other than wearing heels everyday!


Where does a tattoo hurt the least, pant line neck or ribs?

ok I really want a tattoo, but im not sure where to get it either on my pant line, back of my neck or down my ribs, which would hurt more?


Weave In your Hair

is it good to allways were weave everday but it is in nice styles

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What is the best hair dye brand at walmart?

Please do not mention L'oreal Paris Feria. I've recently used this and the color came out after a couple of washes. Gosh I'm so bad I spent money on this. =[

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How can I get my hair to grow longer and be healthy?

I am a blk female that wants to help grow her hair out and get it more healthy. Once before it was really healthy when I was in the Army, working out everyday, and drinking lots of water. I have been told root stimulators are a good way to go, but I ha...


How long will my ears stay swollen?

I gauged my ears last night, and I jumped from a 12g to a 6g. I was just curious if anyone knew how long they would be swollen or if they even should be! lol. And how long they're going to stay tender. thanks guys! Enjoy the rest of the evening. :)


Where's the best place in San Diego county to get my cartilage pierced?

I am going to get the cartilage on the top of my ear pierced, and I have heard not to get it done with a gun, but with a needle. I got my earlobes done at Clares, but they used a gun. So where in San Diego county are the best places to get it done?


How to make an Adam and Eve costume?

how can I make a cute adam and eve halloween costume for me and my boyfriend

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Dying your hair

This might sound stupid but is there a way to dye your hair blonde without damaging it with bleach?? Because im trying to turn scene. And if your going to call me a poser please dont because im reallly not trying to.


How can I get a bra without anyone knowing?

I really neea a bra. Im not asking mymom, grandmas, friends, aunt, and I m the oldest girl outa all my cousins so I have nobody. Im looking for a way to get a bra without anyone knowing.

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How to get rid of hair highlights?

How to get rid of hair highlights?


What to do with my black people hair?

0ks0 I am black and I want t0 n0 h0w t0 g3t r3ally curly scrunching it up s0 h3lp m3...

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Do brown and black match?

OK there is this girl who goes to my school and thinks that black and brown don't match but I think that black matches with everything. Do think that black and brown match?

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How can I tell when my mascara is almost gone?

Hey girls,

How do I know when my mascara is almost gone? Sometimes I'm not exactly sure how much is left, and I'd like a way to be able to tell :)


Cleaning eyeliner

How do you take off eyeliner... Good

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Nipple piercing

I was just wandering, do nipple piercings hurt? I've been thinking about it, but 'm a bit 0.o about it aha :)
how old do you have to be too? or do you need parental consent till your 18?
thank you x:)

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Who has a good idea for a tattoo dealing with remembrance?

I want to get a tattoo on my wrist for my grandpa Joe, 6/18/1918-1/24/2009. He was volunteer firefighter and was in World War 2. If you have any ideas, share them :)


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