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How do you give yourself highlights?

I really want to highlight my hair, but I don't have the kinda money to go get it done in a salon, so does anyone know how to do it at home? I want ash blonde streaks and I've tried the cap, and it doesnt work at all for my hair bc its too long. any tips?

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Dark red hair to blonde. Bleach or dye? :)

Okay, so I have decided to change my hair colour to blonde and I was wondering whats the best way to do it? My hair is a very dark red colour and if I were to dye it to get it blonde I would have to do it in stages and it would take too long. So would ...


are emos smart?

if you wanted to be emo. Do you have to be smart?

Because some words I don't understand. and whenever I listen to Emo bands, some of the words I don't understand. so naturally I feel stupid ¬¬. But yeah do they have to be smart?

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Who here actually finds the "jersy shore" look attractive?

I personally find it hideous.


Stop the hair on your arm legs and private part from growing?

How do you stop the hair on your arm legs and private part to stop growing?

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Removing Waterproof Mascara

How do you remove waterproof mascara without using makeup remover?


How many inches is broad shoulders ?

My shoulders are 37.5 inches around and 16.5 inches across and I'm 5 '2 do I have broad shoulders ?


Why do people wear clothes?

>:( It should be a law you have to be naked D:
except on cold and chilly days
*creepy smile*


How do you do your septum?

How do you do them? What makes them hurt less? (for those of us whose parents won't let us get them done until we're eighteen, and we don't want to wait) :d & around what gauge is a safety pin, just out of curiousity.


What is a cute hairstyle?

What would be a cute hair style for me, thats fast and easy? && How do I get my bangs to go in front of my face instead of like the side? :)

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Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Oily Hair?

My hair gets oily really quickly, at the end of every other day. I know that people would say, "then wash it every day" but if I do that then it's oily before the day is over. Does anyone know about any really good shampoo to use or maybe somethings yo...


how can i tell if a gold and diamond ring is real without going to the jewelers?

i mean its stamped 14 k..and it looks real,, but it looks soooo expensive, and i dont wanna a jeweler buying it off me if it is real for a lot less than it s worth


How do I get rid of brown arm pitts?

I wash and scrub but they still look dirty


Fake earrings are turning my ears green! .. what can I do?

My 7 year old cousin gave me these really cute earring for my birthday but now they are turning my ears green .. what can I do to get the green off??

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Tanning does baby oil work?

Does the whole baby oil thing really work? I'm really pale. I like my pale skin, but I think it would be nice to have like the summer "glow" of a slightly tan look. Does anyone have any suggestions? The whole mystic tan crap or w/e...don't even suggest...


Can I bleach my roots with a 10v. or would it kind of be useless?

To my understanding, 10 is usually for a toner, but it's the only peroxide I currently have. =/ My natural color is light brown (ash?) and my hair is bleach blonde. Trying to get it to platinum but need more toner i guess :)

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red cheeks

I have red blemishes on my face. my entire life, I have been told by the doc that it'll go away and that there was no real medicine to reduce this redness.

I'm fat, and have a beard... I kinda look like a young santa claus at times with those red ch...


Why do some people get freckles & some don't ?

I have freckles, & i hate them. |:


Is is possible to shrink your boobs?

Im 14 and I am a 34C. Is there any way I can shrink them? I don't like having such big boobs. my boyfriend does but I don't. Any tips? Thanks:)

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Douse urine really get rid of acne?

Hello I heard on tv that urine gets rid of acne .. Has anybody tried this ?? Douse it work ???


Where can I buy hair peroxide?

I'm 15 and I want to dye my hair crazy red. I have naturally dark hair and it won't show up. Where could I buy hair peroxide? I tried sally's but they wouldn't let me buy any as I'm 15. My mum wont buy it for me, she said that if I wanted to dye my hai...


why dont I tan

why dont I tan everyone in my family tans


Which make up should I wear?

I have a winter complextion should I wear warm or cool make up


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