Answer #1

I love the pale skin I wish I had pale skin but I gut normal skin so it sucks for me

Answer #2

I’m from Hawaii so no… We like tan :)

Answer #3

Gf is Irish so I love it :)

Answer #4

Pale light skin kept pale doesn’t wrinkle or dry out as soon. You may not appreciate it at 16 but by 30 you will be greatful you don’t look older then you are and wrinkles and lines aren’t settling in like those who want those deep tans early on. I think most guys would rather touch soft skin then shoe leather.

Answer #5

Love it! I really dislike tans, expecially on the face because it makes you look older and just dirty.

Answer #6

I love it, I also love tans though. I’m very pale & it kinda sucks.

Answer #7

I love pale skin on girls! It’s kind of unique to see a pale girl where I am living simply because the majority of my city is African american and Hispanic. There are not a lot of pale people where I dwell, so it’s always nice to see something different. I think it gives a nice classic look, it’s graceful to me. I love it! I love my own pale skin :) I don’t care if people call me vampy and ghosty. It’s my skin color! I mean look at Nicole Kidman! Gorgeous lass, with beautiful pale skin. Julianne Moore too, I think pale skin really defines her.

Answer #8

I don’t really care? Hahaha I don’t care about the color of people’s skin I don’t really notice it… All ik is I hate being pale I like a tan lol.

Answer #9

Pale skin can be really beautiful. Wear warm toned colors, and natural skin makeup, while using lipstick and eye makeup that pops for a contrast that will really bring out the beauty of your pale skin.

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