How would you describe your style?

Answer #1

It really depends how I am feeling. Sometimes I’ll wear a T-shirt and jeans. Heels and a fancy dress. I get that Marilyn Monroe look a lot. I guess, you could say Classic? When I’m not lazy D;

Answer #2

I’m mainly always in a v-neck or plaid shirt and ripped jeans half the time so i would say my style simple?Lol Sometimes i’ll wear wegdes and a dress but not that often.

Answer #3

Depends on the weather and mood I’m in. If it’s cold, I like to dress comfortably in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. If it’s sunny, I like to wear jeans or short shorts with any top. I don’t really have a particular style. I just wear whatever. I also like edgy looks. :)

Answer #4

Girly, I love dresses, and dressing up. I love color. I love to make it seem so simple but looks nice. But when im home shorts, t shirts and my hair is up lol. But I love makeup and doing my hair:)

Answer #5

It depends on my mood. Usually short shorts, flip flops, and a cute top. Sometimes I’ll dress completely country though. It really just depends on how I’m feeling.

Answer #6

I’d describe my style as simple. I try to look keep it classy. Nothing too over the top.

Answer #7


Answer #8

I don’t have one! I kind of go with what i feel like that day. I may wear sweat pants one day with a baggy shirt and old sneakers, then a dress and heals the next day.

Answer #9

My style changes like every other day. It just depends on my mood and my hair color.

Answer #10

Mmm… I would say that I’m kind of revealin’ with my top half but not hardcore. I wear short shorts all the time… it’s because it’s frikin’ hot out there. I can’t be wearin’ sweaters in the hot sun. lol.

Answer #11

Whatever in comfortable! T-shirt & Jeans in the summer. Basic long sleeve shirt and jeans in the winter. Either tennis shoes or work boots depending on what i’m doing. Dress much more for function than form.

Answer #12

Quite feminine.

Answer #13

i am a beach bummer but i do not live on a beach lol when i am spending a vacation near the beach i literally am in a bathing suit 24/7 normal day i walk around with as little clothes as possible usually oversized tees/tanks and shorts. i usually do not wear shoes if it is not mandated lmao but i do know how to get fancy for special occasions

Answer #14

Ghetto and/or casual. When I’m with specific friends I wear tube tops and short shorts; other than that I wear sweatpants/shorts, Bebe, Aeropostale, etc.

Answer #15

Lol, it’s really different! I usually dress in jeans and a tshirt or shorts, but when I’m feeling a little girly, I wear dresses. I’m always doing something different.. Once in a while, when I feel really lazy, I wear cargos and a baggy tshirt.. But usually, these days it’s quarter pants or shorts with a tshirt.. :/

Answer #16

uhmm i would say like a bum:p i rip all my band shirts and always wear tights. My mother doesnt like it but i like to be somewhat different:p

Answer #17

Sexy and sassy. I wear a lot of dresses, I love heels and strappy flip flops, dark wash, tight jeans, and flowy shirts of any kind or color, and mid-waisted shorts that show off a strip of the tan on my stomach. I also love 90’s style tops that show off my back!

Answer #18


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