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Nipple toothpaste

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Should I pierce my clit hood myself?

I pierced my nipple my self and I love it but I have heard that a clit piercing is good because of the sensation of it I know all the risks of loosing the feeling down there but I really wanna get it done but by myself or my dad help...x aml emily-louise

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Getting rid of pimpols ? :s

hi I have loads of pimpols and littly lumps on my forehead I jsut want to know they best way to get rid of it

what to use ?
have you tried it ?
did it work ?
how long till pimpols are gone
any other advice ??

I tried loads of clearsil, too...


Getting rid of face and back pimples

what is the easiest way without seeing a doctor to get rid of pimples on face and back?
ever since I moved to Melbourne I started getting pimples on my cheeks and back I need help to prevent them. I tried using toothpaste but it doesnt do anything so p...


weird boobs

I have kind of weird boobs, my nipples are big and not perky.
I dont know what to do.
im scared what guys will think.
is there anything I can do to make them look like normal boobs?
also, not to mention im like less than an a im almost 16 it sucks and ...

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Will my boobs change?

Ok I have large boobs (size D cup)
I have large nipples. Well I think its called the Areola or something. I'm 15 will it ever get smaller?? It makes me mad lol. I hate my boobs and want to know if its a bad thing the Areola is large and if it will get ...

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Pimples and Zits problem! ehh! HELP!

OK so I have a lot of pimples/zits (whatever you call them)...Got school tomorrow so I want them gone...I m afraid of popping them btw...toothpaste didn't work for me and I need some home remedies...THX!!!

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Piercing my nip!

I want to get my nipple pierced, im not worried about the pain or anything like that..

But the one question I do have, is one? Or both? I dont know! Because I heard if you get one pierced it will get more attention than the other and it will get sagg...


I have horrible looking pimples on my!!!

I have this "circle" of pimples on my forehead. it looks disgusting!!! (THANK GOD IM ON SPRING BREAK) I tried my usual remedy of toothpaste, but that sadly didnt work. does anybody have any quick, easy home remedies for this...



How do you know when your pimple is fully popped?

I popped my pimple last night and white puss and blood came out. Quite a lot f blood actually. And since it is red, I decided to put toothpaste on it over night. Now its really red. But im not sure if my pimple is fully popped because it still has a li...


What size bra am I?

I will be 15 in about 2 months and I am 38 inches around my boobs across my nipples and about 34-35 inches around my rib cage...what size am I? is that small, average, or big for my age? can the type of bra im wearing affect how big my boobs look and h...

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Are there home remedies for whiter teeth?

Well, according to my dentist, there is a certain substance in my body that makes my teeth yellow. I use crest pro -health toothpaste with mouthwash every day, along with Crest Whitestrips. I still never see any results, so does anyone know any way to ...


How bad does a vch piercing hurt and does it feel good after?

Im getting my vch pierced next week and im really worried about the pain! I always work myself up before I get piercings lol I've got my rook, tragus, anti tragus, tongue and nipple pierced is it a worse pain than that? And apparantly its ment to feel ...


Can I get a tongue piercing at 14 in Michigan?

Can I get a tongue ring at 14 as long as I have a parent with me? If you live in Michigan, do you know of any places that would do it at that age? If not, what other piercings will they do at 14? Besides lips ears and nipples.
If you aren't going to ...


What should I use for bad acne?

So like yeah my acne is bad and I mean really bad. Everyday I wake up with a new zit and yeah that groody. I tried Proactive but its actually bad for you and it Bleached my shirts and towels. So I tried like many products like Clearsil, Neutrogena, Mur...


Do "breast lift" scars go away?

I lost a lot of weight recently and Im thinking of getting a breast lift or a "boob job". My breast are not that bad, but not as firm as they used to be, and I wonder if its worth it, and if the scars eventually go completely away. In all the pictures ...


How do I make my teeth whiter?

How do I use the whitening strips? (I have braces) I don't think I can!
And I really want my teeth to get whiter than how they are, cause I've tried cleaning them at the doctor, and it hurts so much that it made me cry and there was blood all over me,...


What is a good way to get a zit gone without popping it

I have really bad acne. So I'm used to getting new zits all the time.
But this one has to go soon before I pop it.
Its a hugee zit right on my chin. And I realized every time I popped a zit it would spread to somewhere else, a new area on my face.


How do I get rid of an acne scab?

I used tooth past last night thinking it would help and woke up this morning with it being a big black scab, it was an under the skin pimple coming but it was a big bump, I wanted it gone and stayed home all day with stuff on it hoping it would help an...


Please help, My teeth are yellow!

I've had braces for the last 3 years and I got the top half only off 2 months ago. Since then my teeth seem to have gone yellow!!

I tried a tooth whitening toothpaste for the last month or two, but they haven't gotten any better... In fact, they've ...


Is there a preference to girls having long hair or short?

Hey, so this question I guess is mainly for the guys, but feel free to answer girls! I was there a preference to girls having long hair or short? Like in general is one style better then the other? I know for us its all about what we want p...


What are ways to clear me of Acne for good?

Ok well I am kindof obsessed with getting rid of my acne. My skin is very sensative so whenever I try a new product, my skin get red, itchy and it peels so even tho it hurts, I still do it. But I have tried asprin, toothpaste, proactive, dermatoligist,...


Who wears bras tha bigger than they need?

So we have this new girl in school. and I been kinda jealous of her because she is like my same size but she has a lot bigger boobs than I do. but today she was changing next to me in gym and she bent over in front of me without her shirt on when she...

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Why aren't I pretty anymore?

Ok, so i used to be so pretty in primary school.. i have this pic from my yr 6 farwell nd i looked heaps cool, but now im older i look like crap i hate my hair i hate my face nd i hate my body shape. My hair is the same as its always mum won't...


Who can explain my new braces to me?

So I went to the orthodontis Monday and he gave me a removable brace to wear on my top teeth all of the time except when brushing my teeth until the end of January next year and thats when I think he will be giving me fixed braces on my upper and lower...


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