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Cover cigarette smell

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How to smell great all day?

Ok So after I take a shower I put on some cologne right and what I want to know is how to make the smell last longer like for almost the entire day any ideas or something?it would really help me out


cover girl

is their 'lash blast' mascara any good anyone?
I want to know before I buy it..since im not a huge fan of cover girl
but I gots a cupon for it and I dunno maybe it is good!
so anyone who has tried it?
its the one in the orange bottle/tube...



Can I cover up a red face with foundation after working out?

i have gym this year and after class my face is bright red and i only have 3 minutes to change out and go to make next class (which is with a really cute guy that im talking to) so can i cover up my reddness with foundation for a quick fix?

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How can I stop smelling?

Okaii, I dont normally have b.o. But atm I really smell and have done for like the past 2 weeks. I've tried strong spray and washing under my armpits (where it smells) but it keeps smelling again, im going back 2 school soon and I dont want 2 go back ...


good cover up/ foundation

what cover up would be good to cover skin thts like darker in some areas. like its hard to explain but my skin seems like a darker shade around my mouth and stuff. I have like an olivy skin color I think. im still preety young and I dont want cover up...


How to cover a hickey?

Omg my boyfirend gave em a hickii on my neck well2 of them and I tried coverup it works a little but I neeed to to somethingg that makes it look invisible because if my mom sees it im dead. What do I doo.?

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Do la senza perfumes and lotions smell good?

Just wondering because I was thinking of getting some? But im not sure what scent is the best and I dont have a lasenza store anywhere near me so ill have to buy it without smelling it? So whats the best one?And also do these perfumes last? thanks!


How can you get rid of a hickey or cover one up.

Just wondering how can you a get rid of a hickey.or b cover one up.
It's not like I'm gonna get in trouble or anything I'm 18 and me and my boyfriends been together for know?
I just think they look really tacky but like I...

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Tried to cover red copper with black now want natuarl brown back

I coulored my hair red witch eventually turned copper I couldn't get rid of the copper with browns so dyed it black (now black with a few streaks of copper) how can I go back to brown can I use a store brought product?


Scar covering

I've got all scars up my arms ;l

From self harming..

I dont do it anymore,

Anyway of hiding them wirth like cream or summit because I want to wear short sleves instea of long in this weather ';


Cover a tragus piercing

Is there any thing you can use to cover a tragus piercing??
I've had mine done about 2 months and I go to a beauty academy, and
We are not aloud any jewerly in.. But I havent had it in long anough to take out!!
And I cant use my hair cause thats al...


How to cover up this red spot under my eye?

I have this red spot under my eye, and it isnt a pimple. It looks like a miniture rash thing. I tried to put a green tinted concealer on it to cancel out the red and then blend it away with regular concealer, but it started burning like h***!!

I don...


Why do people cover themselves in tattoos or dress differently and then complain when people look at them?

I myself have very visable tattoos that cant be hidden and look out of the norm for my small town, i knew before i even got the tattoos people would look and stare. Chris however, is covered, and complains everytime we go somewhere when people stare at...


Tattoo on cover of Ink Exchange

So... I'm thinking of getting another tattoo. This will be my 5th! :)

Recently, I saw the book Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr on the shelf and I was amazed by the tat on the cover. The problem is, I can't really see both sides very well. Does anyone kno...


What's your favorite perfume to use and what does it smell like (read more)?

and i heard theres perfume that makes you smell like chocolate/cupcakes/cookies/etc. and where can i find them? And i want perfumes that last a really long some please!!! I juswt love smelling good and feeling fresh ad clean!!! Dont you? An...


How do I cover up birthmarks?

Ok so summer is upon us, and im getting out my dresses and skirts but im a little self conscious about my legs as I have a lot of birthmarks on them. On one leg theres a long one that stretches from the back of my knee to my ankle, among others on my c...


Does anyone know if Sheer Cover really works?

OK so i have alot of red marks on my cheeks due to acne. and obviously i have tried alot of store bought foundations and of course they didn't cover my acne marks completely. I seen Sheer Cover but im so hesitant to buy it because im afraid it doesnt w...


What would be a good idea for a cover up tattoo?

Okay so I have this tattoo and I dont want it no more its on my lower stomach kinda near my belly buttin, its like as big as my thumb. I wantsome more ideas of something I can tattoo over it. Im thinking of a butterfly? Is there anything else I can do?...


Makeup to cover tattoo at job?

im going to school for medical office specialist and my main goal is to do my externship in a hospital as a phlebotomist. I have tattos on my wrist and I can cover one with a watch but I dont know what to do for my other one. you can't tell I have them...


How 2 smell good

This person came up to me and said everytime I'm around I smell something nausty and I said I don't smell she said that just cus you used to it so went to all my friends and asked if they could smell me bad on me and they said no not at all then I went...


How can I get my perfume to smell longer?

Okay , so for my 13th birthday , I got a few bottles of perfume from family && friennds. I have a thing of Ralph , & a thing of Roxy. But the thing is, is when I spray it on...
it only lasts for a litle while before the smell fades away. Like I can spr...


How to start to use cover up when I'm not into makeup?

I Need Help!! I Have About 4 Red Zits On my forehead, and I have this hideouse birthmark the siz of a golfball on my neck. and I hate that!!! I am a tomboy, so I dont use makeup and my mom nows that, but I really want to cover these ugly things up! ho...

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How to ask mom to wear make up to cover up blemishes?

I'm 14 years old and about to go to a new high school. I have many blemishes as of from pimples I kind of pic them I know I'm not supose to but dang I cant stand them. I have a lot of dark marks and it's taking away my true beauty. I asked my mom but s...


How do I apply foundation so it covers my skin tone?

So I love , love & love beauty & style but just today I put on my foundation and I set it with a powder when I got to school and looked in the mirror it looked at though it had fell off from my face , which then showed my actual skin tone with my found...


How Do Ladies Choose The Proper Facial Cover Makeup?

Stores sell facial cover makeup for ladies in various shades of color. The packages are sealed and you can't try them on first. So, how does a lady know what shade is "her color" ? My wife tells me because she "always uses that same brand and colo...


hide hickey guy rid hickey scab