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How can I change my style a bit?

i feel like my style is in a rut. i use to be realy girly the the extreme and then edgy to the extreme now im like nuthn :P. i miss being edgy but im not aloud to dye my hair bac red for another 3 or 4 months, and i hav thin hair so i cant do too many ...


How can I pierce my nose?

how can I peirce my nose my self and how do I keep it clean?


How do I fix my hair when my roots are lighter than the rest?

So. I colored my hair blonde after it was a medium brown. My hair was grown out about 2 inches so my natural color soaked up all of the blonde and the rest of it...not so much. So now the top of my head is the perfect color blonde and the rest is a dar...


Are you supposed to have butt hair?

Okay I'M NOT WONDERING THIS...but my friends sister is..
It's REALLY dumb, but she wants to know if your supposed to have butt hair...
nasty, but she wants to know like now

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Which hairstyle is better for girls?

Long hair with curls or Straight Long hair no curls

Short or Meduim Hair with curls or no curls

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Red Hair x

I die my hair red but the only problam is it fades reall quickly ! :( It is definetly permentant ! Does anyone know how to keep my hair red for longer any tips ?!?! x Music4Life x :) :p x


black to ash brown

I have black hair and it's died dark brown. I would like to know what to mix to get the ash brown color?


How can I lighten black hair to match natural brown roots?

A few months ago I dyed my hair what I thought was dark brown, but it came out black. Now my roots are showing my natural color (light/medium brown) and it looks silly. I want to know if there is a color I can buy to dye my hair to a lighter color, I d...


Is it normal to have cellulite at 13?

is it ok to have cellulite and im about to turn 13?
im skinny though
it on the top back of my thigh

is this normal?
how can I get rid of it?

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Hairstyles 4 skewl!!!

Hiyya any ideaz 4 skewl? I don't have a lot ov tym 2 get ready now that im in high skewl duz anyone have any hair ideas that are quick & easy?? Thnx xx

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White Ring around top of tongue piercing

I have a White ring Of like taste Buds or Sumthing Around my tongue Ring...I was wondering what it is and how I can get rid of it...
My friend said its normal Is it?


How to get skinny

How can I get skinny I need some tips to help me get skinny please help

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Why does everyone dislike/ hate on "emo"

I know that the stereotype is misunderstood and I don't see how it happened but I really dislike it anyways, but I feel like I'm getting into a rant so on to the real question
Why is being truly emo by the definition of a group of 47 real people who I ...


How often should I get my gel nails filled in?

I got them done two weeks ago and they look gross. Even though I took good care if them. I am used to acrylic nails but thought I would give gel a chance. Should I remove them and get acrylic put on or should I try gel again? Which do you prefer?


Average boob size for a teen?

I was wondering whats the average boob size for a teen? Example mines a c cup is that like to much for a teen lol im just curious? Haha

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Is there a certain way to get industrial piercings?

So, I want one (don't try & talk me out of it). Is there a certain way it's done, or can you just pierce two places in your cartilage yourself? If not, and I absolutely have to get it professionally done, where can I get it done & does my mom have to b...


what is the attractive breast size which every girl dreams?

what is the attractive breast size which every girl dreams?

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What is this weird seed that comes out of my pimples?

err...sometimes there will be a weird bump on my face and if I squeeze it out its kind of like a weird seed >_>...its not that big but not that small either...maybe around twice thesize of a fullstop?...and also sometimes if my pimple accidentally pops...


Should I get a tummy tuck?

do you think I should do a tumy tuck?

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I pierced my belly button with a safety pin...

okay today I got bored so I pierced my belly button with a safety pin, is that bad and how soon do I need to get a belly button ring, and can it get infected easily?


How often do you change a naval ring?

How often do you change the ring and how easy is it to change it?? I'm kind of scared to change mine .. I don't know why ..


32E Breasts A size 12-14 waist and im 5ft 4 what can I wear?

I Have 32E Breasts A size 12-14 waist and im 5ft 4 what can I wear? HELP!

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