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How to thicken eyebrows?

How to thicken eyebrows?


How hard will it be to get black dye out?

I accidentally dyed my hair black; it was supposed to be dark brown, which my hair naturally is. How difficult will it be (and I'm definitely going to a salon this time) and how painful on my scalp will it be to get it back to dark brown? I'm not loo...

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Is is true that IcyHot and plastic wrap helps you lose weight?

Is it true, that if you rub your stomach with icyhot and wrap yourself in plastic wrap, and sleep with it on overnight, that you will lose inches off your waist ?

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How soon after a cartilage piercing can I change the earring?

I got my ear pierced at a professional I know the gauge size of the post is bigger than a normal ear piercing. If I change the earring, will the hole become smaller and close up around it? I had my ear pierced a month ago on Thursday. When ...


how do you stop razor rash on legs from itching?

how do you stop razor rash on legs from itching?

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How do I get my nails to grow?

whenever they grow they get really fragile and break
what can I do to make them grow and stay strong??


Hair falling out... at 14?

My girlfriend's hair is coming out!!! Not in clumps but after just getting a hug I would find a hair of hers on my shoulder. She does have some stress at the moment but I don't think it would make her hair come out.. would it?

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How can I get 360 waves?

how do I get waves in da top of my head because I had waves for bout year now and aint nuthhin up there. I mean it is very little. evrywhere else it is spinin waves. I cant get them on da top. is it that I dont have that knid of hair.



So my lobes wont close up atleast a little if I continue gauging and go to my 3/4? Damn, haha just askinggg I love them though. Pretty sure they arent going anywhere :)<3


How come people are so mean sometimes...and what do I do about it?

Earlier today I got a friend request on facebook. It was my bff's Ex. I'm not his biggest fan but I accepted and we started to talk online. He later IMed me, and I wasn't jumping out of my seat about that either but I talked to him because he told me h...


34 b is that a small boob size for a fifteen year old?

is that a small boob size for a fifteen year old? a 34 B
my boyfriend said my boobs are big, but I think hes lying.
is it big, or small?

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What are the pro and cons of dimple piercings?

I was thinking of getting dimple piercings in a few months or so, but I just want to know what is the good and bad of it. Also, I'm getting braces soon, so will my braces and dimple piercings (if I do decide to get them) mix together? Please and thank ...

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white shirt called that guys where under a tuxedo and tie

what is the white shirt called that guys where under a tuxedo and tie


Should guys shave their pubic hair?

im a male and I was wondering if I should shave my pubes. I know I should do what I want, but I was just wondering what all of you girls think out there

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How do I dye my hair emo?

How do I dye my hair to look emo?

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How can I make my hair grow long?

I have short curly hair and I want long hair whats something really good that works and grows your hair really long ?

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Serious Question - How do I make my hair nappy?

I want dreads, and I've even had them before, but they've never locked. The first time I got dreads, they were alright. They started getting nappy, but they did not lock! I took those out, and someone else did them. This time they were like little curl...


How can I make my side burns grow faster?

They have been growing for 2 years and are still barely there. How can I make my side burns grow faster?


How can a 13-year-old get a bigger, curvier butt?

I'm 13, 5ft and 6st 7, and I've always wanted a bigger booty/Bubble butt. My butt now isn't flat just small, is there anyway I can make it BIGGER, I'd prefer not to have to put weight on but ill try anything

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What can I do to help my face while in the shower?

I suffer from acne and when I go for a shower I don't really do anything to my face. I will wait until I go to bed to wash it because that's what I've always done but I'm a bit confused. Should I wash my face in the shower or after to try and help my ...


Can you get a nose piercing retainer to hide it?

can you get retainers for nose piercings? things that cover it up. I don't want to knwo your opinion on it.


How can I see what I'd look like blonde?

I want to go blonde but I am scared because I do not want to look weird. Is there anywhere I could go to see what I would look like?


Why do people want to get their tongues pierced?

I want to ask people who have got this piercing. How does it feel to taste things, eat, talk etc. after a Tongue Piercing.

Even tough I feel awkward for some other piercings gals do, I can accept it as people have different taste for fashion/look/styl...



My hairfall is increasing day by day how can I maintain it for less fall and quick growth please help?


How to heal the lumps on my tragus piercing?

I've had it for about 7 weeks about 2 weeks ago I got a lump on both sides of the holes I've been doing sea salt soak four about 1 week swelling has went down no change in the lump any advice will the lumps always be their?


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