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What should a 13 year old girl wear?

title says it all!


Do snakebite piercings hurt?

Does it hurt when you get snakebites? How bad? Plzz answer :)


How long should I wait to color my hair?

how long should I wait to colour my hair afte rebonding


Do you shave your outer vagina when shaving bikini lines?

When you shave your bikini line are you supposed to shave the outer parts of your vagina?

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Why do people get wedgies?

mhhmm. why do people get wedgies?
very important that we finddd outt!!!


Is it possible to have cartilage sticking out of a cartilage piercing?

I have a little white thing sticking out. It's hard.

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What are some fun things to do with make-up at sleepovers?

I was looking for things to do with one friend with make-up at a sleepover.

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Which piercing doesn't hurt at all?

Which piercing doesn't hurt at all?
I want to get somewhere pierced but I don't know where. Is there like somewhere that doesn't hurt at all??


What shirt matches yellow shorts?

Okay; so I have yellow shorts but I dont now what shirt color would match them:(


Why is the skin around my vagina a different colour

The skin around my vagina is a darker colour than my skin. Why is this?
Does any one else have this?


When can I change my naval ring?

How long do I have to wait before I can change my belly button ring? And how long do I have to wait before I can swim???


Why do I have such large nipples?

like I have large nipples that dont stick out and little boobs, what is this??Large nipples, but small boobs??

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Can I put an earring as a lip piercing?

Because I cant get a real lip piercing until fridayy

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WD-40 safe on hair clippers?

is it okay to use wd-40 on my hair clippers (blades)?


What bra size do you wear? (For 20 years old girls)

For all you girls out there that are 20 years old, which bras size do you wear?

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what does gauging your ears stand for? there any meaning behind it,
or tradition..


How can I make my facial hair grow?

I am 17 years old. How do I make facial hair grow fast?

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Normal for a 15 year old girl to have 40d size breasts?

Is it normal for a 15 year old girl to have 40d size breasts?

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Can I change my earring yet?

I had my ear ring in for about 3 weeks now and I want to change my ear ring now can I?


Does Getting Snakebites Hurt?

Does it hurt getting snakebite, because I'm getting them tomorrow and im terrified of needles??


What is a shoe size 7 youth in men's?

What is a size 7youth(kids) converted to mens size in shoes?


Does wearing vans make you a poser if you don't skate?

I wear skate shoes (vans) but I dont skateboard, does that make me a poser?


Can I use duct tape to wax myself?

is it possible to wax using duct tape? how bad would it hurt?


Is it normal for a girl to have hair here?

I am 13 and I have a hairy that even normal? is it even normal for a girl to have a hairy butt?

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