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Where can I find cheap raglan shirts?

If you don't know what a raglan shirt looks like it's like a baseball shirt. It's one colors on the torso and another on the sleeves. Sometimes it has a picture, team, cartoon character, word, etc. on it They sell alot at forever 21's. But...they're li...


I was banned from hot topic!

I was in my local hot topic store today with my friends shiloh, michelle, and brendon. We had been in and out of there a few times and brendon went in by himself and they said "we have the right to deny service to select members of the community and if...


What should I get him for Christmas?

I've been with my current boyfriend for a good while now, we've been 'together-ish' for almost 3 years, but we'll be celebrating our official 1 year anniversary of dating in March 2010. Christmas is coming up QUICKLY and I've been so busy working that ...


What kind of car should I buy?

hey im buying a car soon im 14 for like 1 mor mth then ill b 15 but my family is realy car crazy my brother is 22 and he has been through at least 30 cars he supes em up then sells them mostly fords right now he has an 84 t bird nothing like you'll eve...


How much have you spent on headphones?

I used to be like most people that buy an Ipod or expensive MP3 player and they end up using the headphones that come with it. Then when they break I used to just buy something cheap. Not anymore.One day I was browsing the web and found out that there ...


I know it's early, but anyone got xmas ideas for a broke girl?

I start stocking Xmas presents around this time of year so I am ready when Xmas comes. I need some ideas for presents. I already have my sister a really cool wood jewelry holder that I found at goodwill. (we are super close, so she isn't going to reall...


What do you think (Yes I'm Stacy but I dont want to rewrite it)

MY question: What do you make of what Stacy’s mom said yesterday about the 99 cent store and today and give details?

FIRST PART (WHICH HAPPENED APRIL 30, 2008): Stacy and her mom went to Kohl’s Department store. Stacy had two pairs of pants in her ...