Is it illegal to buy lighters under the age of eighteen?

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In California, yes.. they'll ask for ID.. usually.
For some reason, sometimes I don't get carded. And I look 12. lol. :)

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is there anyway you can buy me a lighter and a pack of cigs andI wouldnt tell anyone

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No.. lol. ;)

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oh lols thank you though! do you know any way I can get cigaretes underage?

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Not where I live. So I guess it's different for every state/country. Where I am, anybody can buy lighters. My friend's sister, who is 9 years old, buys them for her dad when he's busy.

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no, you can buy a lighter at almost any age, unless a country has certain laws, you can buy it. buying cigarettes oon the other hand is illegal if your under 18

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Depends on where you purchase the lighter. If it is in a novelty shops in Oz, the answer is 'no'. If it's over the counter ciger shops then 'yes'.

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wow. i never expected this :S in my country, these laws are not strictly implemented. so, we can actually buy cigarettes, liquors at any age. but lighters? we dont have a law about that.

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Ohhhh alco at any age, wish I was living there :P. Oz is pretty strick but they tend to fine the shops not the person so it's really the responsibility of the shops to check ids...We used to get my folks or older brother to get our drinks for us.. Drink in moderations of course :P

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In KY you have to be 16 to purchase a lighter

Where can you buy a lighter if you're under 18 in Canada?

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