Where can you get cheap emo pants?

Other than Hot Topic is there any other place with cheap emo pants? Or Straight leg pants with some holes and washes on them? Hot Topic is way too expensive.

Answer #1

Buy normal pants and experiment bleaching the color out of them or splashing bleach on them to get an acid wash look. You can cut slits in them for holes, when you cut them they will look just like cuts with scissors. But if you go for a run in them then take them off and wash them in the washing machine, then the drier, they will fray. Maybe not completely the first time, but just wash again if not.

Answer #2

I live in hawaii and I dont think we have those stores lol

Answer #3

ya try rue 21 I shop there and its pretty cheap, also depends on where you are its fastion also has them

Answer #4

Hot Topic.

Answer #5

Pac Sun… they have deals all the time.. also Anchor Blue and American Eagle. (I just went there yesterday, and they had a very cute pair of super skinnies for $25)

Answer #6

You can go to this site to see. Which are great pants, you will find the product you need. I purchased several times. Really good. (((surprisefirms.com))

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