What are some good ideas for Mother's day gifts?

I was just wondering if anybody had any good gift ideas for mother’s day.

Answer #1

I like to get my mother Jewelry but that’s because she really likes it. Just think about what your mother likes in particular, what her hobbies are and etc. Buy something that you believe she’ll like, it doesn’t have to be something materialistic. Maybe just something nice that’s handmade. Like a scrapbook. Anything that appeals to what your mother likes.

Answer #2

You could make her a card with a picture of you and brothers/sisters/ family pets. It will be cute :) You could make her something as a present, like a pillow case for her bed that matches your parent’s duvet, or buy some candles. Soap is always a good idea- you can get beautiful soap these days.

Answer #3

My mom likes just staying home while making a video of all of us.(We do that for every main holiday and it’s fun!)Or just take her out to dinner.Something from the heart.Good luck!!!=)

Answer #4

Give your mother a gift voucher so she can spend a day at the spa and beauty resort. The gift voucher entitles her to spend the whole day (any day which suits your mum) being pampered by qualified beauticians with facial and body messages, body waxing, a hair cut, wine and lunch, then back to being pampered and once the day ends, you or your dad collects her from the beauty spa resort.

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