What age must a person be to buy extenze at a store?

What age must you be?will they tell you anything if you try to buy extenze at a store if you are under 18?

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The instructions say not for use under 18. So stores will ask you for ID. But, This product .. Is just fake stuff that won't really do anything for you. Most reviews you find online are fake. All the ingredients are just vitamins and herbal products that have been around for years.

The only thing that will do for you is have a placebo effect. You believe is gonna work or wondering how will it be to have sex while using the product and you may end up having a bigger better orgasm or sex drive because is something new and because you believe is working. You believe is working because you paid so much money for it and is less depressing to believe that, than believing is not working.

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what is extenze???

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