What- should I buy hollister or abercrombie jeans?

So, my bff is having her b day party really soon (June) and she ran out of ideas of what to do. I said let’s make t shirts and go shopping at the mall, and she loved the idea so we are gunna each get to choose one or two stores to go to. I really wanna get a good pair of jeans and I don’t know if j should go to abercrombie or hollister? In regular sizing I’m a size 0 or 1, so which place has better jeans. Thanks!

Answer #1

Thanks sooo much! I think I’m gunna go to hollister, but if I can go to 2 places, I’ll go try both stores. ily<3

Answer #2

Go to both stores, and find a pair that you like. Its not the label, its how you like them and how good they look. Try on a few pairs at both stores and find one you like.

Answer #3


Answer #4

I think Hollister is better!

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