Where can i find these cute sandals?

I saw some people at my school had these sandals! Where can I buy them? Please put at link if they are online thanks!

The sandals are the ones in this picture: i194.photobucket.com

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Oh srry if the link didn't work! I'll get a better one. I don't wanna dress pike the other kds it's just I'm goth/ scene (yah idc I label myself) I need black sandals to go with my black ripped jeans. Hehe everyone else is abercrombie and holister ! He I'll get the link thnx!
http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z35/fashionunder100/fu100/jb.jpg that should be it tell me if that link doesn't work.

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why would you wanna have the same clothesa as the other people in your school?:(

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u can try avon . com they always have cute stuff

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there are no pictures in the website you provided, I couldnt even find a website with that name

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You can go to this site to see. There will be a product you need. (((surprisefirms.com))

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