Why i be able to exchange these hollister jeans ( details inside ]?

I bought two pairs of Hollister Laguna Skinny jeans in a size 3 long but they are too big and I think I need either a 1 long or a 0 long , I wore 1 pair Saturday and 1 pair friday , and then I realized that they were WAY too big in the waist and legs so pretty much just too big all around ! , Will they let me exchange the jeans for a smaller size , I didn't get anything on the jeans or anything ? I have the receipt , but the tags are not still on the jeans . Thanks !

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you can return them even if you dont have the tags attatched. that happened to me onece, I thought it would fit perfectly, but hollister bumped up their sizes so it was way too big on me..and I had the receipt but the tag wasnt attatched. I just brought in the shirt with the receipt and tag and they took it back.

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I use to work for Abercrombie and under law they have to accept the jeans back if you have the original tags for the jeans. They'll damage them out anyways and not resale them.

Why is Hollister such a big deal?

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Hollister has such strict policys because they think there clothes is just sooo freakin amazing. if you can somehow get tags on it, you MIGHT, but not promising

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you should have tried them on before you bought them
since you remoed the tags
legally there not supposed to accept the jeans because you could have worn them and they could be dirty, even if you didnt wear them, obnce the tags are removed they consider them worn
however, I've seen some american underware stores ilegally take back used underware and then re-tag it (even if its been used...disgusting I know)
so you never know
go into the store with the jeans, bring your receipt and tell them how you just wore them once and they didnt fit, they might just let you switch them

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I don't know about that
most likley not cus yeu cudd have worn them

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