Answer #1

The Boogie monster..

Answer #2

Slender Man

Answer #3

The shadow people.

Answer #4

Have you heard of the show lost tapes ? You should look it up, it’ll give you do many different legends/monsters to choose from. I say jersey devil.

Answer #5

Slender man or the rake…..

Answer #6


Answer #7

Ah, go for Big Foot! They still have TV shows about trying to discover him.

Answer #8

How about the Succubus? The beautiful she-devil who seduces men and devours their soul.

Answer #9

i think i am going to go with this one because i love succubus

Answer #10

Sully!!! :)

Answer #11

Lady midday..

Answer #12

Try doing something that not many people know about, try looking up mythical creatures or beliefs in certain areas (south america, asia and scotland are good for them) about the monsters they have

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