Can I get money for some books even if they are very damaged?

can recycle books that are too damaged..i ave so many books some are to damaged iwas wondering is there a place i can get money for them?

Answer #1

You could probably still donate them if you just need space.

Answer #2

Maybe take them to a library? They might offer some money for it. or you could donate them! :D

Answer #3

I wouldn’t take money for them, just donate them! :)

Answer #4

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Answer #5

Well, if you really want to earn money with those books then try to sell it to the following sites:


Of course, you have to make it more presentable. Who knows, you may find customers who really want a copy even if it is damaged especially if those books are hard to come by. But make sure to inform them how damage the books are so they will not be misled.

On the other hand, you can just sell it for recycle to companies who recycle them. Try this link,

But then again, knowledge and information should be shared to others so they can also learn or be entertained. Would it not be a wonderful feeling that you have shared your things to somebody and you are the reason that made them more learned? Try donating.

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