Is it easy for most people to write poems?

Answer #1

To write a simple poem, sure. But to write a poem really well, no. That requires talent:)

Answer #2

I have a hard time writing poems. Although, i’m good at writing stories. It takes alot of talent & patience to write a poem. It’s alot more difficult than it’s cut out to be.

Answer #3

Depends, Sometimes its a God Gifted talent and sometimes the situation make people write such things. :)

Answer #4

For me it’s easy. I can’t push a poem out daily, because when I write. I write when I’m feeling something (usually really depressing). I’ve written loads but I’ve misplaced my notebook & I’ve not a clue where it is :(

Answer #5

^True. When you feel sad, thats the moment when you write something really special.

Answer #6

It would seem so,on other sites i and others can knock one out in 20 mins…But good poems are rare and harder to come by,you could just be lucky or a natural poet but most aint…To me the talent is making it rhyme and making it mean something to someone other than yourself,i do try…The poems that dont rhyme to me are crap,they are just thoughts written down and are not nearly as entertaining to read IMO. At the end of the day it dont matter if its good or not,few people ever make money from writting poetry and the chance of getting fame is low…If you like writting it,then that is all you need to know,and all that matters…if someone else likes it,its a bonus.

Answer #7

Write poetry began can not transitions smooth nature, purposive realm deeply, but poetry rhyme must be right, the most basic grasp later, can slowly practice composition, first from the whole grasp, and then to every word can not landing, and at the same time to practice the language is smooth. Poetry conception and depth is more at ordinary times need to observe, thinking, language and expression skills need more reading, enjoy more than previous works. Of course, some Chinese foundation is that they cannot do without

Answer #8

People with a good language skills can easily make simple poems. Writing really good poetry requires talent. But then, more and more people seem to have a hard time writing regular sentences. I do not know whether they are just lazy or whether they are really unable to wirte structured text. If you look at some of the updates and questions on this site, you’ll find a couple of posts that would make english teachers cry in despair. I doubt that these people find it easy to write poetry.

Answer #9

You can also write good poems:

start by thinking of what you feel right now.. think of 5-10 words that describe your feelings.. make 5-10 lines and arrange each word per line.. now for each word in each line, describe it, think of synonyms or rhymes or alliterations.. make it simple.. make it real.. make it alive.. Then, there you go..

Answer #10

Easy to write, tiny amount can actually write stuff that people enjoy reading.

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