Reading and Writing

What kind of writing do you enjoy? What do you prefer to read?

Answer #1

I enjoy writing abuse, self harm, romance, werewolf, adventure, vampire stories(no, i am not some crazy emo!), and like reading the same, with a mix of classics. I actually write my own stories, and post them online. Here’s a link to one of my stories: Please Read! Thx! Also, why do you want to know what we like to read, and what about you? What are your opinions?

Answer #2

I’m beginning to write stories as well. It is important to relate to the audience and knowing what they like to read helps form a focus for style and culture.

Answer #3

cool…. well that’s something I never thought of… so what do you like to read?

Answer #4

Adventure books, fantasy.

Answer #5


Answer #6

I don’t know if this counts I’m sure it doesn’t but I like to write poems. And I like reading about abuse, teen romance, and self harm…

Answer #7

would you mind checking my story out? It has all of those in it, and I would love to get some more reads. heres the link! :

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