what should my pen name be?

So, I want to have a pen name because I want to write stories and books but I don’t need everyone knowing who I am. I need help figuring out what name to have. I have first and last names below, but if you have another name you would like to throw out there, please do! The middle initial will be “B.” FIRST NAMES:: Hazel Annette Devyn Eveleign Elyse Avery Ashlyn

LAST NAMES:: Kimberly Medlen Nichols Whyman Scott Stuart Adams Acker Smith Peterson Trine Spruce Richards Andersen Mueller Stawell May Carleton McLaren Hanlen Tyler Jones

Answer #1

Try your middle name as your first, following with B and a good last name. Or, how about: Amber Rachel Joy Sarah Mary Sophia Gretchen Beth Jillian Hannah Last names: Smith Pierce Johnson Holiday :P Awesome :P Robinson McAtee McLaugin (Dads name)sson Ex: gregsson Jeffrey (or Geoffrey) Knebel Hope I helped! Sorry if I repeated some! tigerlover101 I hope I will read your book someday :)

Answer #2

If ..these are just names you like why not try a name that stands out…something strange even…Maybe even a joke name…Anna Prentice (an apprentice) ?

Answer #3

I called my guitars after my favorite guitarist eg Maurice Gibb and George Harrison

Why not use your favorate writers name? X

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