What do I do about my depression and suicidal thoughts?

I have felt very depressed and I have felt like killing myself…what do I do?

Answer #1

First off, please, please, please don’t hurt yourself. You may be going through some things that most people wouldn’t understand since they haven’t been there, but ending your life is not the solution.

Have you considered seeing a mental health professional? There is a very good chance that they can help you work through this difficult period in your life. Have you identified what is making you depressed? Recent breakup? Loss of a loved one? Financial problems? Everyone has these things happen to them throughout their lifetime. It’s just a matter of how you decide to react to them.

I lost a dear friend four years ago and it left everyone’s head spinning. No one saw it coming and it tore everyone up. I believe he thought it was the answer but it left all of us with the feeling that we all could have done something to help him. He never saw a professional, so I am pleading with you, please seek out some professional help. I’m sure there are people who love you so much and would not want to see you end up like that.

You are in my thoughts. Please take care and everything is going to be okay.

Answer #2

Please get help as soon as you can!!! Call a suicide hotline, or talk to someone, but please get help that is all you can do and all that will help!

Answer #3

I feel like that all the time my mom has had to almost put me in instatutes for this but it always helps to talk to some one my aim is yainounoino if you want to talk or you can email me on here

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