How can I stop being depressed and suicidal?

I’m suffering from deppresion and have often think about suicide. recently the urges have been getting stronger. I already cut and really want to stop. But I cant. I’m extremely fat, stupid, worthless. etc. The counsillar isnt working. if you have any ideas please tell me. Thankyou. Sorry if I just ruined your day.

Answer #1

Well I would say stop listening to depressing music first of all . Your name says it all I mean naturally your gonna gravitate to depressing music if your depressed try listening to something upbeat. Also who cares what others think of you I used to be fat when I was younger but I grew out of it but I never let it get to me because I knew those people who made fun of me were just as sad inside themselves . Life is what you make of it if your constantly thinking negative your life is gonna be negative. Start thinking positive trust me it works. If your fat work out, if you feel worthless try doing something to make yourself feel special , & please stop cutting yourself its not gonna help anything. When YOU stop worrying about what others think & start investing more into yourself only then will you feel unique. Please PM me if you ever need anything =) One last thing try thinking about all the other people in the world who have nowhere to live or nothing to eat or have some kinda major illness then look at yourself & think it could be way worse.

Answer #2

Hiya. Ur thinking all these bad things about urself thats probubly not true. Because here are poeple worried about u and answering ur question. I’m sure things will come around for u. But, only if u stop thinking such depressing thoughts. U no who u are and what u can do and dont let anyone inside ur head that will make u dought urself. Cutting dosent solve anything so i really hope u stop. And dont worry about the counsillar because they never work. Keep ur head up :) and stop worrying

Answer #3

Hey you know what i bet you are perfect in someones eyes and it may not be anyone you know now but in the future you will see! Even if you are fat or stupid there are so many people who are fat and stupid so it’s not like you’re alone. also I bet there are way fatter and stupider people than you! and trust me if you were stupid you wouldn’t be asking for advice! Feel free to mail me ANYTIME and suicide is stupid not you! hang in there sweety! mail me!

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