Depressed thoughts

What do you think is going thru the minds of people who commit suicide? Is it planned or spontanious?

Answer #1

When I think of sucidile people I think of someone who thinks that “this is it”. This is the hand that I have been delt and no matter how hard I try I will always be this way. I too once thought that I would be better off dead not only to my self but to my parents and my loved ones. But it turned out I was wrong, because not but a half a year later I met the most wonderful man that gave me hope, that I am worth something and that I have the power to change not only myself but to really make a difference. I was one of the lucky ones, I have a angle watching over me, and I gave it a chance to help me.

Answer #2

my grampa did that=( I think they don’t think, possibly drunk or not on medication

Answer #3

Usually hoplessness… Things will never get better… And it depends, some people plan it (usually the ones who succeed) and others do it spontaneously…

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