normal to like have casual thoughts of self-harm suicide daily?

like I know this sounds weird but is it normal to like have casual thoughts of self-harm suicide daily? I have been going through deppression for years and lately I’ve been a little better, but these thoughts are still a part of my life everyday. Its getting easier to discredit them but I feel shouldnt have to. Is this something else everyone else deals with or is it just me.

Answer #1

well it’s fine to think about death and stuff, but not okay to want to die or to try and kill yourself. Once my friends and I talked about the coolest way to die and none of us were depressed really. And if you are coming out of depression you are still in the habit of thinking about this. It could be an addiction too and if you want to rid yourself of it see a therapist or talk to your parents. Or talk to close friends, anyone you are comfortable with. Also you can try writing these thoughts down. Something about writing stuff down makes us remember better and makes it all more real when you see it on a page. And another idea is free-thought writing. You have a pencil and keep it moving on the paper, not looking at the paper or thinking about what you are writing. Maybe watch TV or read a book (if that’s possible) while doing this so you aren’t tempted to look. After a while of writing you start to write words that are thoughts you never knew you even had. If they scare you or seem dangerous you should definitely seek help, or be aware of it and KNOW exactly what is going on, at least.

Answer #2

that free write thing sounds like a really good idea for me. But yeah my thoughts or rather impulses scare the crap out of me I get fearful that they will get the better of me someday. As for therapy I went for months and nothing really happened, and this was with 5 different proffesionals. I am a rather quiet, secluded person and the freewrite thing ill give a try :)

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