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About North Fort Worth Counseling

Who we are

Welcome to North Fort Worth Counseling! We are a team of dedicated and compassionate counselors and therapists who are here to help you navigate life’s challenges. Our practice specializes in counseling, psychotherapy, and support for individuals dealing with autism, depression, anxiety, marriage issues, and Asperger’s syndrome. We understand that seeking therapy can be a difficult decision, but we are here to provide a safe and welcoming space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings.

What we Do

At North Fort Worth Counseling, we offer a range of services to support our clients in their mental health and emotional well-being. Our experienced therapists provide individual counseling, couples therapy, family counseling, and group therapy sessions. We are committed to helping our clients achieve personal growth, improve their relationships, and develop coping strategies for life’s challenges.

Whether you are struggling with anxiety or depression, facing difficulties in your marriage, or seeking support for a loved one with autism or Asperger’s syndrome, we are here to help. Our therapists use evidence-based techniques and personalized treatment plans to address each client’s unique needs and goals. We offer day, evening, and Saturday appointments to accommodate your busy schedule.

Why you should use us

Choosing a therapist is a personal decision, and it is important to find a professional who you feel comfortable with and who has the expertise to help you. At North Fort Worth Counseling, we prioritize building a strong therapeutic relationship with our clients based on trust, respect, and empathy. Our therapists have years of experience working with individuals and families facing a variety of mental health challenges.

When you choose North Fort Worth Counseling, you can expect confidential and nonjudgmental support in a safe and welcoming environment. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and improve your overall well-being. Our team is committed to ongoing professional development and staying current with the latest research and best practices in the field of mental health.

What can you ask?

  • What types of therapy approaches do your counselors use?
  • How long are the therapy sessions, and how often do you recommend meeting?
  • Do you accept insurance, and what are your payment options?
  • Can I schedule an initial consultation to see if we are a good fit?
  • What experience do your therapists have in working with specific mental health issues?
  • Do you offer teletherapy or online counseling options?

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