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Vivekuday clinic is a renowned nerve clinic, counselling and yoga centre in Kolkata. Different types of neurological, psychological, psychosomatic, nerve, brain, stress and stress related diseases or disorders are treated here. Such diseases have four important causative factors such as Biological – Psychological – Social – Spiritual aspects. Treatment is according to causes. E.g. medicine for biological causes; counseling for psychological causes to counter negative thoughts; counseling (skill development) for social causes; counseling (insight development) and yoga for spiritual causes. Central theme of treatment is finding out sources and management of stress / anxiety / tension / frustration / depression. These are sincerely performed here resulting in best outcome from treatment of these diseases or disorders ànd increased confidence, hopefulness, sense of easy going, pleasure and joy in the level of mind as well as body as mind and body are well connected which has been well established by researches. Our approach is to give the holistic treatment and management for controlling stress and stress related diseases or disorders. People come here from different places of West Bengal as well as out of West Bengal for the purpose of treatment. Treatment services are provided here by a team consisting of doctor, psychologist (counsellor) and yoga therapist.

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