how can I stop thinking so much depressing thought

how can I stop thinking so much depressing thoughts…is it normal to miss a guy for a long time and lloking at your phone every minute to see if he texts I mean he cheated but I don’t know why do I still kinda want him but at the same time I can never go back with him & I know he just played me but ugh I don’t know I need advice

Answer #1

I had been that way too. and it’s normal you are just simply being human. I think just let it be. feel the hurt, think about him as long as you can and don’t try to block it or do something just to forget because that will only make it it worse. just stay in that state until the day that you would finally cope up and wont even think a single thought of him. you see every wound heals in time. goodluck! : )

Answer #2

yipes. yeah.. its normal to miss a guy… but… you need to move on, if he cheats on you. if he did it once, he might do it again. especially if you haven’t confronted him about it. and… checking every minute for a text? dont be so worried. relax! enjoy yourself. dont stress over it. it probably isnt worth being bothered over. =P you can do better. find a guy that wont cheat on you, loves you, and respects you. theres some of them out there! you just gotta look. =] and most definitely, get over this one. ^_^ good luck~

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