Is depression medication causing more suicides?

i heard about someone who took depression medicine committed suicide does any one know which midicine is ok to take because i think im depressed im scared to admidt it though just cant imagine help please

Answer #1

the first thing you need to do is talk to your physician and ask him/her to refer you to a counselor. most of the time talking to the counselor will resolve a lot of stress and if the counselor thinks you need medicine he/she will refer you to a psychiatrist. and psychiatric medications need a lot of monitoring.

Answer #2

I’ve been on anti depressants for more years than i can remember and i’m still here. To diagnose depression you need to see your doctor. No one else can advise you on what medication to take. Your doctor will have to find the right medication to treat your depression, thats if you have it. I tried 3 different types of medication untill i found the right one to treat my depression. Go see your doctor and you will get the best advice from him/her. Individual incidents of suicide combined with depression and medication does not mean that the medication caused the suicide. See your doctor and express your concerns about this as well as how you are feeling.

Answer #3

that person must have been suicidal before they took the medication…or if they were taking it, quit them cold turkey…that will make anyone suicidal…just tell your doctor how you are feeling…i know one thing that exercising or going for a walk sure is good for depression

Answer #4

thank you

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