I feel so depressed and suicidal

Im very depressed most of the time. I feel as if no one likes me or cares about me. I hate my stupid ugly face and myself in general, and I hate the school I go to and the jerks in it. And for the longest time im just been thinking about killing myself, and sometimes those thoughts turn into me physically hurting myself. I dont know what I should do.

Answer #1

I felt that way recently, I was always energetic and happy etc. I lost interest on everything and everyone. I would rather sleep all the time and and just feel lifeless and would set goals and I always failed to keep them. I would start reading I couldn’t pass the first paragraph I would never talk to anyone about my feelings, there was no answer for me, even to exist was hard. Til my health was getting real bad, I had fallen apart mentally and physically, well you get the picture. I made a rough life for myself All my muscles were always aching, I mean intense pain, So that brought me to see a doctor and he asked about my pain, since I wasn’t doing anything athletic or working hard there was no reason for such pain. When I mentioned all I did was sleep he recommended anti-depressants which I started taking, ( I was one not to believe on anti-depressant ) I started to take them mainly for the reason that he had asked to see me again for a follow up I was happy that someone had actually asked to see me again.I been slow process but it’s working.Now I have been off the meds so I am doing most of my improvements on my own. I have begun setting goals and I feel good, promising feelings for myself. I guess what helped me was that I realized I do love myself. You can’t do things for anyone else you have to offer it to yourself first, so when you do want to do something for others they will feel the specialness you offer to them and you will always feel good. I guess to narrow it down you have to open up and talk to someone. I have a lot of loved ones but I never felt encouraged or felt they were being honest, I would never get honest answers because they love you too much they don’t want to hurt you, even though they can see everything about you a mile away.Sunrays are so important to anyone that is depressed, it offers so much it helps balance your brain and much more. Life is precious as I mentioned before healing is a slow process but you can pick up on everything you were letting pass you by. Good - luck

Answer #2

cry,cry,cry it helps you to relax and relieve stress. Your not ugly your what god wants you to look like . Have confidnece in your self and all the positive things that you do and you will succeed. as for all the negative things around you ignore it they are all haters.

Answer #3

hey I’ve been going through the same thing just trust me here(even if im a total stranger) just keeping moving on because theres bound to be something that life is for,right? I know this soounds dumb but maybe you should talk to someone about it PS.NIRVANA ROCKS just thought id change the tone

Answer #4

You should talk to your school counselor asap. Whatever you’re going through just remember it will pass and things will get better. Talking to someone will help your feel better. good luck.

Answer #5

I like your name cause im listening to nirvana right now haha. well you sound like me lmfao. get a ipod fill some music with it and blast it and ignore everyone!

Answer #6

You really should talk to someone, like a school councellor or a therapist?

Answer #7

Hi there!!! I just want you to say that I feel the way you do sometimes… please dont kill yourself… you have to much to live for I know that I do not know you but you have to trust me… things will and always do get better… you will meet someone someday who will knock your sox off and if you kill yourself you will never get the chance… I have had so many thought of suicide but when I get down to it im like ok where do I go when I am dead??? is there really a heaven WILL I GO TO HELL…I can never come back once I am gone… the one life that I was given is gone I can never breath again eat good food… watch funny movies drive cars get tattoos NOTHING its over and I dont know where I go from here… so please just remember me and what I am sayin if it makes since lol…

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