Sleeping help

Does anyone know a good drug to help me sleep during the day. I work nights and have to sleep during the day

Answer #1

well if your talking over the counter benadryl is great

Answer #2

You could also try MidNite. It is non-habit forming and it is all natural. Sometimes at night I have a hard going back to sleep once I have woke up, and you can take this anytime while you are trying to sleep or right when you go to bed. And you don’t even need water, it disolves in your mouth or you can chew it.

Answer #3

First, go to your favorite hardware store and buy light blocking shades for all windows in your room. Cut out all caffiene three hours before you want to go to sleep. Follow a routine that you are used to to get ready for bed. Try meditating, praying, reading, or writing for a few minutes every night when you first get into bed to clear your mind. Then if you still have trouble, try some Valerian root/ and or Melatonin. Both are all natural, herbal suppliments that will help get you to sleep. You can usually buy either at the grocery store, GNC, or department store.

Answer #4

Tylenol PM

Answer #5

SLEEPING pills.I gezz =]

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