Cant sleep need help

Hey well I cant get to sleep at night very easily and then once I do little noises or my wife touching me wakes me up. Its geting really hard couse I need to get up for work every morning and I work hard but im not geting enough sleep. I need something that will put me in a deep sleep for at least a few hours and isnt too expencive any help would be very appriciated

Answer #1

Taking medications to help you sleep soundly isn’t such a good idea as you could come to depend on the drugs later on down the track. eg: similar to Heath Ledger.

If your partner is moving around a lot on the bed, why don’t you invest in two single beds or doubles and place them side-by-side together, that way if she toss and turn you will not feel the movement…they do that in the flashier hotels or resorts, where they provide you with a king size bed, but sometimes it’s really two king singles joined together.

Regarding the noises, I don’t have any suggestions but maybe ask her if she could tip-toe and not bump into things when she joins you in bed or ask her to do her girly stuff in another bathroom.

Answer #2

Seriously? You have a wife at the age of 16? Not to mention a full time job? And 3 months ago you lived in a different state from your girlfriend?

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