Help me get to sleep easier

I have a energetic 2 year old boy that absolutly runs me ot during the day until he falls asleep but when it comes to me going to bed beyond being tired , I become wide awake. But by morning if I havent slept properly or at all im absolutly run down, I have tried sleeping pills{medicated,natural & organic} but I find myself thinking they are not working and either medically overdosing on them or becoming addicted, I saw a doctor and he told me to try and do relaxation methods…still dont work..does anyone have and home remedies that could work?im going to have a nervous breakdown…im only 20

Answer #1

Does he take a nap during the day - most toddlers do. If he does - sleep when he sleeps instead of doing other things. Having a nap during the day will help a lot. You have to learn to sleep when he sleeps.

At night - have you tried some white noise. Tapes that help you sleep better. My mom swears by them. She can’t sleep if it’s too quiet.

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