Help me get to sleep.

so im homeschooled; I don’t really have a certain time to go to sleep or wake up; but id love to go to sleep at a descent time. what can I do besides take medicine. I once od on medicine an just thinking of taking it makes me really sick. but is there sumthing else.?

Answer #1

Develop a bedtime routine. Possibly at about the same time each night start that routine, possibly a shower, followed by good night to your parents, brush your teeth, lay out your clothes for the morning, snuggle into bed and turn off the lights. And also don’t forget your prayers, I’m guessing. Do not eat much after you start your routine. Do not watch TV or play video games. You are trying to train your body so that it will naturally begin to slow down and prepare for sleep. And sweet dreams. Hope this helps. Good Luck!!

Answer #2

go to gnc and get some valerian root take as dirsected it is a natural herb that will calm you and get you what you need

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