What are some ways to help me sleep?

I have major insomnia issues and can’t get to sleep for hours. I hardly drink caffeine and this happens to me throughout the year, even when I wake up at 6:00am I can’t get to sleep until like1:00am. Does anyone know anything that will help me get to sleep faster?

Answer #1

look just put and cd that you love 2 haer a lot put it on put your mp3 on a sleep timer for an 2hrs ull fall down like a baby asleep

Answer #2

there is a very easy way to stop the insomnia… have a small snack before bed ; drink some warm milk too; don’t drink that much cofee… ; or you can just listen to music while in bed (with an mp3) … IT REALLY WORKS I fall asleep for about… 4 songs… ;)

Answer #3

Hot Chocolate And Relaxing Music

Answer #4

Hey, thanks!

Answer #5

Hot Chocolate And Relaxing Music

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