help me be able to sleep again!

okay.. well I started this habit of staying up all night… adn then sleeping all day… and last night.. I really needed to get to bed early but I couldnt sleep! I layed down around 12 adn then got back up around 2 because I couldnt sleep… I took a shower adn layed back down.. but I ended up not sleeping at all! this is bad becuase schools about to start plus I have to get up early tomorow anyway.. so how can I get to sleep… or at least get kinda tired???

Answer #1

what you should really do is just sleep in on a day that you have free until like at 9:00am then go to bed at 10:00pm and then you’ll be on schedule again.

Answer #2

stay up all night then stay up all day after one day till like 9 then bingo back on schedule

Answer #3

benadryl, makes you fall asleep

Answer #4

go to bed at 2:00 in the morning and you will sleep in the morning

Answer #5

I have the exact same thing! To get out of the habit, I stay up all night, but then force myself to wake up early the next day. It makes you tired earlier at night. Do this over and over, and youll slowly go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. It takes about a week to get back into sleeping normally.

Answer #6

start switching back. if you stay up all night, then sleep all day, reverse it. Sometimes those of us who sleep all night and are up all day do silly things like stay out all night when we are tired and should be sleeping. So during your awake time (night) , stay awake, then during your sleep time (day), stay awake. Then the night comes and you will tired so go to bed!

Answer #7

If you take melatonin (a natural dietary supplement) this sometimes helps also.

Answer #8

That happens to me a lot too. What I do is just skip sleeping for a day, that when it’s night I’ll be tired and able to sleep. =]

Answer #9

Take care bab

Answer #10

Melatonin is your best friend! Easy to swallow pill, completely herbal, helps you rest and relax even if you don’t sleep. You can get it at any pharmacy as a non prescription.

-From an insomniac!-

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