Cant get enough sleep, help?

O_k I lay in bed, close my eyes and try to sleep, but I just cant! So I turn my lamp on and read read read and read, then I finish at least one book, then I turn the lamp off, and try to sleep, but still cant! I have to wait til its almost 1 a.m. Or 2 maximum just to feel a lil sleepy! Then I wake up at 5 or 6 take my shower and start my day! I want to be AWAKE in classes, lol, im going crazy! If I dont drink coffee every morning behind mums back I wouldnt survive! Sometimes I sleep for half an hour only! Help me!

Answer #1

Maybe you hshould see a doctor if you have signs of a sleeping disorder.

Answer #2

-Hot baths -No eating after 8 at night -Hot drinks ( not coffee though) -Set bed time -Routine

Answer #3

when you can’t sleep, turning on the light and reading isn’t helpful. Try going without sometime soon.

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