How do I get on a regular sleep schedule? Help me please!!!

One night, I stayed up till 2 doing ablosultely nothing. I woke up that morning at 1 pm. The next night, I went to bed the same time, and woke up at 12pm. The same thing has been happening, and it’s getting very miserable. How do I get back on a regular sleep pattern again?


Answer #1

AHhhh! It sucks! Same with mee! Ok what I do is tke like these natrual sleeping pills( theyre called midnites) and I got to bed at like 11 or 10 and I set my alarm at like 10( I not a morning person!!!) And that works! Hoed this helped…

Answer #2

try forcing yourself to get up at like 8-9 one day and make yourself say up until about 9-10 that night. then get up again at 8-9. might be hard at first but youll get used to it

Answer #3

I had the very same thing, and I found a good solution for that, tried 7 different times, works great.

so here we go, all you need to do, is not sleep 24 hours in a row, and then, pick the time you want to go to sleep, and the time you want to wake up.. set an alarm, and wake up when you want, I mean force yourself, might be hard.. then in the night, go to sleep when you want, because you still might be tired a bit, and same the next day, alarm.. in a week +- your body will stabilize itself, and voila, the sleep schedule you want ;)

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