Grease on clothing?

Does anyone know the scientifical reason/ or the real reason whiy grease on clothing wont come out with cold water? Is there a reason?

Answer #1

Its to do with the chemical bonds in grease the chemical bonds that bind it to the clothes require heat energy or chemical energy to be broken, hence why detergent and hot water works really well to cut away grease when you are washing dishes. or in the case of a washing machine, hot water and washing powder or w/e

Answer #2

Water and grease don’t mix - the water will basically just “bead” over the grease patch, and it won’t move when you rinse it out.

Answer #3

Like dissolves like. Lipids are non-polar so they are insoluble in polar substances like water.

Answer #4

Grease in general need heat (I.e. hot water) to melt (I.e. get removed from clothing).

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