Is there any Lead Clothes? Anti Xray or X-ray Proof? Radiation prof

Is there any Lead Clothes? Anti Xray or X-ray Proof? Radiation proof?

How to make one?

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They might notice a big square section of your bones missing. Are you doing a report?

Why on earth would you be asking about radiation shielding?

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They make lead vests for xray technicians and others who get regular exposure. But there isn’t any everyday clothing that could mask you from a walk-through xray - assuming that’s what you’re worried about.

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I am also interested in similar anti radiation clothes for preganant women. Anyone has any idea whether it works or not, Where we can buy this kind of product?

Answer #4

yeS.. eleCtric COnduCtiOn tinSel.. why?

Answer #5

There are x-ray protective clothing made with lead or barium to protect scientists and technicians who are occupationally exposed to X-rays.

Wearing something like this through airport machines would only cause them to pull you aside for more scrutiny.

Radiation proof is a impossible. Any protective clothes need to be a compromise between shielding and weight. If you tried to wear 6” thick lead armor you would not be able to move.

If you are trying to avoid radiation from a real radiation source your best defense is distance. Radiation intensity follows the inverse square law that states that its strength is the inverse square of the distance. If you are twice as far away than the radiation will only be a forth. If you are ten times away the radiation will only be one hundredth.

When my parents got their first microwave oven my oldest brother was a radar and microwave technician in the Army. He tested the door for microwave leakage and found a fair amount around the latch and hinges and determined that to be safe we needed to keep at least an arm’s length away from it while in operation. I notice that every time he cooks something in a microwave oven he still takes a step back.

Lead is a highly toxic metal. It is certainly possible to work safely with it assuming you take reasonable precautions but if you are trying to fabricate anything more complex than fishing sinkers your risk of heavy metal poisoning is probably greater than from radation.

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