What are the importance of x-ray resistant clothing?

Lead aprons are used to protect the passing of x-rays into the human body. But I want to know about the all over resisting procedure of x-ray resistant clothing.

Answer #1

The radioactive rays from the x-ray machine will go into you and can cause cancer:(

Answer #2

Radiation resistant clothing works by attempting to deflect the radiation. as radiation passes through a material, some of the radiation is deflected away when it collides with the atoms and molecules of that material. the reason why lead is commonly used is because it is super dense, meaning that there are a large number of particles to deflect the radiation with small chance of a hazardous amount of radiation getting through. hope that helped.

Answer #3

The idea is to limit the exposure of x-rays passing through the patient’s body. For example, at the dentist: a lead apron is always placed on the patient’s chest when a picture of a row of teeth is taken. Why protect the chest when x-rays are being aimed at the mouth? –> Because a very small amount of x-rays will scatter/stray from the concentrated beam firing out of the x-ray machine. With modern x-ray machines, the amount of scatter radiation is miniscule, but it doesn’t hurt to protect the patient as much as possible.

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