How to make your own Digicam Underwater Housing? Using See-through

How to make your own Digicam Underwater Housing? Using See-through plastic?

Is there any Idea? How to prevent moisture?

Answer #1

well you have to silicone the living crap out of whatever you put together- and you need to make allowances for underwater pressure if you intend to film in deep water with it. what is your idea to film here- are you going to activate the camera first, then place it in the waterproof box? I guess I would use plexiglas- create a cube that your camera will fit into- use some weather stripping on the door side so that rubber butts up against rubber weather strip. the rest of the cube I would silicone all of the pieces together- probably even wrap the outside with fiberglass cloth and resin- leave the view port (window) clear of fiberglass resin. figure out a good way of closing the door so it will not come open. and you should be set.

Answer #2

You’d have to cut the plexiglass or similar with a blow torch (or specialized saw). To seal the edges, you could melt (blow torch) the edges together.

Then after you finished with that part of it and made sure you had a rubber grommit for the button, you could soak it in water to see if it leaks. If it didn’t, then you’d have a housing that worked. OF course, the material, time and effort to build one is going to be a lot of effort….so, you’d be better off buying one, I think.

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