Refraction lenses, and Color

I filled all this out already, and im just about ready to turn it in. BUT I want to add more to what I have writen. So if you could help me out and tell me what your opinion is about these… thanks much <3

A) Explain why light waves change their direction when they pass from one medium into another.

B) Describe how the image created by a convex lens changes as the object is moved from far away from the lens to the lens’ surface. Your description should include the nature of the image (real or virtual) and its size.

C) State 3 differences between the images formed by a concave lens and a convex lens for an object located beyond the focal length of the lens.

D) Explain why white light separates into different colors when passing through a prism. What is the order of the colors from longest wavelength to shortest wavelength?

E) If you see a blue table cloth, what color(s) are being absorbed and what color(s) are being reflected to your eye?

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