Eye Colour Scare

my mums eyes are brown and my dads are blue. mine are always changing. when I wake up they are back, cross green by mid day they are shinny greene in the afternoon they are a light green cross brown and before I go to bed tehy are a constant mixture is this normal

Answer #1

the green eyes are coming from the brown eyes. green and brown are similar tones which is why you mentioned green and brown the entire time. notice how your eyes dont turn blue. because blue and brown are not compatible. green and blue eyes are pretty.

Answer #2

actually they do turn blue, after I eat

Answer #3

yours 2 man I tought I was the only one. My mum has live green and my dzad has dark vrown my natural eyes come out on midday to like 6 pm they are light brown with green rings insyde and when I wake up they are peach black after 6 pm they are dark green and after that gray lol

Answer #4

That happens to my eyes too! Mine are: Black in the morning Green when I cry and in the afternoon Brown when they are dry Gray or blue when I am sick.

I have no idea why they do that, but they always have.

Answer #5

OOHHH! that happens too mee too! LOL

:] I think itsss because of mah birth mark in mah eye.. but yeahh.. I guess its normall

Answer #6

yes some pppl have the same thing its just from the sun somtimes or your moods

Answer #7

That’s normal, tons of people get that, my eye color is too dark to really notice, but my girlfriend’s eyes change all the time like yours. It can be due to two things: mood change, your eyes will change color when your attitude changes, and light change, your eyes will change color when adjusting to different levels of light. That’s usually when a certain color becomes dimmer or more intensified. You notice the real drastic full color changes with mood changes.

Answer #8

Yep what pumpernickleman said, mine change all the time due to mood or light changes, they can also change color to match your clothes and seasons, mine change everyday due to the seasons and weather and my mood, if I’m in a bad mood and its rainy out they will trun a slate grey.

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